Rabbit with mustard

Eek!!! Shocking photo – we obviously got carried away with the mash.

Ok … the name does not sound very enticing and the photo is a shocker but dinner tasted so good I have decided to press on regardless.

I have had rabbit with mustard once before but I am sure the last time I had it it would have been called lapin à la moutarde. Now that sounds better – much more sophisticated. Continue reading


Mrs Beeton’s Stewed Rabbit


This month, The Cook Book Guru is featuring The Book of Household Management by Mrs Isabella Beeton.  Mrs Beeton’s book was first published in 1861.

It is not a book I would normally be clambering to cook from but, as it was being featured this month, I decided to give it a go.  If anyone is interested: a  full PDF copy of the book can be found at exclassics.com.  Here is the first volume, here is the second  and here is the third. Continue reading

Pot-roasted rabbit with rosemary, thyme, sage and lemon

2013 09 18_0862 copy

I have mentioned before on this blog that I am a big fan of rabbit but it appears not many others are.  If you have never tasted it, you should try it and, if you had wild rabbit as a kid and didn’t like it, give the farmed rabbits a go.  Farmed rabbits are much milder than wild rabbits.  You cannot get wild rabbits in Perth anymore because of the myxoma and calici viruses.   Farmed rabbits, however, are readily available from butchers, though they are, invariably, frozen.

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