Thai-style stir-fried green beans and pork

Hello, everyone. This is one of the three bean-themed recipes I made when we had our glut of beans.  I really wanted to post it since I know next year, when we are in bean glut, I will have no idea where to find it.  One of the other recipes is on a similar vein but it has more ingredients. This one is dead simple and tasted just as good.

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Ham hock (or left over Christmas ham) and green peppercorn croquettes

Today’s recipe is not something I would normally make but we are going to Great Britain at the end of next month and I am determined to clear the freezer of all meat.   In the freezer were two ham hocks that I bought last winter, obviously intending to make pea and ham soup – my favourite soup – but, clearly, I didn’t get around to it. Continue reading

Hoisin pork with beans, snow peas and noodles

p1000688copyThe snow peas have really gone mad.  We are, at last, getting some sunshine (although it is raining as I type) and now we have more snow peas than we can possibly eat.

We also have more avocados and asparagus than we can eat.  And soon it will be broccoli with this and broccoli with that.

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Orange pork fillet


I needed some reading material the other day so I reached into my bookcase and, as luck would have it, picked up this great book my mate, Emily, gave me last Christmas.  It is “fifty recipes to stake your life on“, by Charles Campion.  It was first published in 2004.  I have no idea where Em found it.  I have never heard of Charles Campion but, as it turns out, he is an entertaining writer.  I have really enjoyed reading the book.  Each chapter is a long preamble, building up to a recipe. Continue reading

Jane Grigson strikes back



I buy cookbooks to read, just as much as to cook from them.  I know this sounds weird but I am not alone.  Publishers have known people do this for many years and style cookbooks accordingly.  So I wasn’t that perturbed when I found Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book to be more of a good read than anything else.

I usually try a few recipes out of each book.  If one is good enough, it will appear on this blog.  Once in a blue moon, I will find a recipe that I will make time and time, again.  If this happens, the cookbook is worth its weight in gold. Continue reading

See … People do read blogs


The other day I was reading a post by John, from The Bartolini Kitchens, and the penny dropped.

John mentioned that he loved to make jam but wasn’t too keen on eating jam and toast.  I smiled as I read that because I am the same.  I can’t possibly throw out excess fruit so I make preserves and then we end up with jars and jars of jam that take us years to consume.  My melon, lemon and ginger jam I made this time last year comes to mind.  It tastes great but we have probably only eaten two jars in one year.

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Thai Fried Noodles with Pork and Peanuts

IMG_3338 copy

We didn’t feel like cooking the other night (Maus even suggested we buy a pizza!!) but I had taken pork out of the freezer so didn’t give into temptation and request a Margherita.  As it turned out, I probably cooked this meal in less time than it would have taken Maus to pick up the pizza. Continue reading

Pork with Blackcurrants

Regina has been knocking on our door with pork fillets, again …  We are so lucky. Thankyou, Regina.

I searched my books for another recipe to do justice to the beautiful pork and I came across another one from The French Kitchen by Joanne Harris and Fran Warde.  This recipe appealed because I am big on serving fruit as part of a main meal.  Apples go with pork and I imagined the acidity of the blackcurrants would be a perfect foil for the meat. Continue reading