Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

Firstly, I must apologise for the photo.¬† It was the best that I could do. ūüė¶¬† And it took me ages to finalise.¬† I was determined to write a post on this dish but when I looked at the photos I took, there was nothing that looked remotely enticing.

Friends often say they like my photos and I explain to them that I usually take lots and lots of exactly the same thing and the one that appears in the blog is the best of the lot. Also, I do spend an inordinate amount of time in Photoshop correcting the composition, lighting, colour, focus, etc.  But there is only so much you can do.  If the photo is bad, bad, bad, you only end up with a well lit, well focused, bad photo. So it was with the head photo. Continue reading


Home at last …

It certainly feels like I have been away.¬† I have definitely been away from both this blog and Bridgetown.¬† I hadn’t been here for ages.

As you know, I had been in Perth cleaning and gardening and packing.¬† The house now looks so good it was¬†very hard to sign the management authority – there were even a few tears.¬† But I did it and now we are looking for tenants.¬† Normally, that would be the easy part but¬†Perth is a boom-bust town and, at the moment, it is going through a ‘bust’ so¬†it is¬†harder than usual to find tenants. Continue reading

Chilli con carne


Another grainy photo,¬†this time, however,¬†graininess is not a theme of the post. ¬†I can’t wait to get my hands on my camera. ¬†I swear I will never forget it again.

Chilli con carne is something I used to make quite a bit but haven’t done¬†for ages.¬† The recipe I use is from the Australian Women’s Weekly and, of course, I don’t have it with me.¬† Such are¬†the woes of living¬†between two houses.¬† There are Australian Women’s Weekly recipes on-line but it is such a long time since I made it, I didn’t know which, if any, of those I was reading¬†was the¬†actual recipe I used to make.¬† In the end,¬†I went with the¬†taste.com.au recipe – on the basis they¬†are, usually, reliable.¬† And it was very enjoyable. Continue reading

Veal scallopine with cream


As you all know, The Cookbook Guru’s¬†feature cookbook for May and June is: The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook.¬† Even though¬†a lot of the¬†recipes have dated, there are enough gems in it to make it fun to cook from.

At the beginning of the month, I went through and tagged a number of recipes that I thought we would like.  Most were in the biscuit chapter, but not all.  I spied this one and thought of Maus.  Maus is a big fan of veal and cooks it well.  I am sure the reason Maus likes veal so much is because it is traditionally cut very thinly and then beaten even thinner.   Maus does not like to see any blood in her meat.  This is highly unlikely when the meat is served this thin. Continue reading

Kefta tagine with herbs, spices and lemon


This is another recipe from¬†The Cookbook Guru’s feature cookbook,¬†The Food of Morocco, by Paula Wolfert.¬† I was flicking through the book (which, BTW, is fabulous.¬† If you are interested in Moroccan¬†cooking, check it out)¬†and these little meat balls caught my eye.¬† Maus is¬†in charge of meatballs in our house so I thought¬†I could kill two birds with one stone: sample another recipe from the feature cookbook and get Maus to cook dinner!¬† Surprisingly, Maus was willing – maybe, after a quick read, she realised making the kefta was going to be¬†extremely easy – put everything into a food processor and pulse, then form into walnut size balls.¬† Couldn’t be easier than that!¬† I offered to make the sauce.¬† Luckily, that was just as easy.¬†¬† Continue reading

Jane Grigson strikes back



I buy cookbooks to read, just as much as¬†to cook¬†from them.¬† I know this sounds weird but I am not alone.¬† Publishers have known people do this for many years and style cookbooks accordingly.¬† So I wasn’t that perturbed when I found Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book to be more of a good read than anything else.

I usually try a few recipes out of each book.  If one is good enough, it will appear on this blog.  Once in a blue moon, I will find a recipe that I will make time and time, again.  If this happens, the cookbook is worth its weight in gold. Continue reading

Thai beef salad


I have been eating too much rich food¬†lately.¬† So much so,¬†when Maus asked me what I wanted for dinner the other night, I said ‘a salad’.¬† A salad was not possible that night¬†because we had just come back to Perth and we were¬†yet to go shopping –¬†I had peanut paste on toast instead. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬† But before¬†going to bed, I went into the the study to run my eyes over my cookbooks.¬† They landed on the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.¬† Gee, I must have felt weighed down! Continue reading

One Perfect Day …

IMG_0892copyNot so many years ago, when I was sitting in an office in a high rise building in St Georges Terrace, dreaming of retiring, I could not have dreamed of a better day than I had the other day.

I dreamed of having a vegie patch, I dreamed of making apple cider and wine and vinegar and cheese and soap.¬† I dreamed of cooking in a solar oven, of making pizzas and baking bread in a brick oven.¬† I dreamed of preserving produce that I had grown, I dreamed¬†and I dreamed….¬† And whilst I sat in that office, looking at the clouds come and go, I tried to work out what I really wanted in life, what I wanted to do.¬† I¬†knew it ¬†involved getting out of that office as quickly as possible, but what else?

Continue reading

Veal, Chicken and Apricot Terrine

IMG_6439 copy

This is a great recipe.  I have made it many times but this time Maus offered to make it and I was very quick to accept.

I needed a recipe for a luncheon.  We had already tried one recipe that turned out to be a disaster so Maus was keen for us to have something she knew and liked.  If that meant making it herself, she was willing to do it.  The alternative (from her eyes) was another weird concoction from me.

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Saltimbocca Alla Romana

IMG_3598 copy

I went to a typical Perth caf√© the other night and had Saltimbocca,¬†one of Italy’s best-known dishes and¬†I can understand why.¬† It was lovely¬†and ¬†it’s¬†easy to¬†make.¬† It is simple enough for a weekday meal and fancy enough for¬†a dinner party.

Stephanie Alexander suggests that the most¬†difficult part of the recipe will be obtaining high-quality veal.¬† ¬†If you can’t get veal, try¬†Girello which is readily available and¬†nearly as nice. Continue reading