Whatcha been doin’?

We have been cooking.  It feels comforting to be cooking.  I am getting really bad cabin fever which is a grand effort on seven acres.  I know just about everyone else is worse off than me but ….. grrrrrrrr.

It is not just because of the coronavirus.   A few years back, we leased our house in Perth.  This was because looking after two houses was getting to be a real pain in the arse.  Instead, we stayed in our flat when we visited Perth.  The flat worked out perfectly until we got the puppies because, unfortunately, the flat is carpeted throughout. Continue reading


What we’ve been cooking … September (and October) 2015

021copyI know I said I was going to do one of these posts every month but I did forewarn that it may not happen due to a lack of discipline on my behalf.  As I mentioned, I am retired and thriving on the lack of discipline.  In any event, I decided there was no point writing a post about what we’ve been cooking when we haven’t been cooking much.

It is Spring and we are always busy outdoors in Spring.  As I mentioned last year, Spring is all about mowing, preparing for the fire season, renovating the vegie patch, fertilising the roses and the fruit trees, etc.  When the sun bears down in mid-Summer and I refuse to go outdoors, there may be more happening indoors, but not at the moment.

Because of the above, it has taken me two months to accumulate enough to warrant a post. Continue reading

What we’ve been cooking … August 2015

IMG_3317 copy

Even though I seem to spend half my life in the kitchen, I didn’t make many favourites last month.  We sampled quite a few new recipes (most of which weren’t post-worthy)  and we have eaten quite a bit of ho-hum food of late.  As a consequence, there are only a couple of old favourites to report for this month’s round up of What we’ve been cooking. Continue reading

What we’ve been cooking … July 2015


First cab off the rack for this month’s round up of What we’ve been cooking is pumpkin, cashew & coriander soup.   No wonder pumpkin soup has made an appearance with all those pumpkins under the house. Continue reading

What we’ve been cooking … June 2015

IMG_7321 copy

I have had an idea to do a regular post like this for ages.  I ran the idea past Maus and she assured me that the idea was ‘boring‘ but I have decided to proceed, nonetheless, as I think the idea good.

I have been writing a blog for 3 years now and, whilst it is good to try new things, the reality is I have old favourites that we make, time and time again, and some of the new recipes I have posted, I want to make again.

So what I have decided to do is: once a month, tell you what previously posted recipes we have made in the last month.  I don’t know what I will do if, in one particular month, there aren’t any – we will have to wait and see.  After a while, I am sure there will be  repeats but that is good.  You will soon get an idea of which recipes we love the most. Continue reading