Hazelnut Meringues with Rose Cream and Roasted Strawberries


You will have to excuse the lack of posts of late but I have been very busy, as I am sure most of you have been in the last week or two.  No matter what we plan to do, we end up trying to squash too much into the lead up to Christmas.

It is not that I haven’t been cooking, quite the contrary, it feels like I haven’t stopped cooking. It’s just that I have also been eating and drinking and not taking any photos.

Notwithstanding the above, I was determined to squeeze a post in on this lovely  dessert before the end of the festive season.  Strawberries are plentiful at the moment  and everything can be prepared well in advance, making this a perfect festive season dessert.  Don’t be put off by the fact that there are three elements involved.  Each is very simple and takes no time at all. Continue reading

Icecream Pudding

IMG_1361 copy

If you haven’t decided what you are having for dessert on Christmas Day, consider a frozen icecream dessert. They look glam, have festive appeal, there is no work involved on the big day and very little preparation. Continue reading

Crème Brûlée

When I go to a restaurant, I always check out the dessert menu to see if it includes crème brûlée for I have a saying: ‘crème brûlée is always worth the calories’.

It is amazing, considering how much I love it, that I have never tried to make it – until now. For some reason, I thought it must be really difficult to make. My logic was that if it tastes that good, it must be tricky.   How wrong could I be? Continue reading

The Great Pomegranate Extravaganza (Part III)

Pomegranate Gel with Pashmak

This recipe comes from Turkey: Recipes and tales from the road by Leanne Kitchen.  Its a beautifully presented book.  This is the second dessert I have made from it.  The other one, hazelnut meringues with rose cream and roasted strawberries, was a real hit.  This one, I am not so sure about. Continue reading