Dedication to the cause… or Margaret Fulton’s walnut loaf


IMG_2309copyThird try:  This is as good as it gets!

This post shows dedication to the cause, even if I say so myself.  I have made this cake three times in the past week.  The first time I made it (photo immediately below), it was very crumbly.  In Margaret’s defence, she does say the cake is best made the day before it is to be eaten.  My cake was not even cold before it was all but gone – no wonder it was crumbly.  We hadn’t had lunch and, geez, it was nice.  We did leave about a third which I cut the next day.  It was significantly better, but still very crumbly.

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Spicy cranberry nut tea bread


I am always flicking through cookbooks and reading recipes but this time I had a purpose.  My sister Sandra’s friend, Merle, had given me some cookbooks to look through and either keep or send to the Op Shop.  This book had been earmarked for the Op Shop but two recipes in it appealed.  One was ‘brown sugar biscuits’ and the other was this spiced tea bread (nut loaf).  Maus likes a bit of cake with her butter so I was keen to try the nut loaf.

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Date and Nut Loaf – Mark II


My sister, Sandra, sent me a text after my last post with mum’s recipe for date and nut loaf.  It was a little cryptic in part.  It included ‘a few spices’ which I interpreted as something one conjures up when faced with ‘mixed spice’ in a recipe and you don’t have ‘mixed spice’.

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Date and Nut Roll


A while ago, I decided I wanted to make the date and nut roll I remember my mum making.  I had my mum’s Willow nut loaf tins and had never used them.  My mum used the CWA Cookbook so I went straight to it, thinking I would find the recipe in it but it wasn’t there.  I decided to look a little further and found this recipe in my Macquarie Dictionary of Cookery. Continue reading

Karithopita (Walnut Syrup Cake)

You may have noticed the dearth of cakes on this site.  The truth is, I am not much of a cake cook.  And, I figure, honing my skills is not worth the calories. 

But this is a cake anyone can make.  It is made in the food processor so it takes minutes to put together.  You pour syrup all over the cooked cake so it doesn’t even matter if you  overcook the cake (my specialty).  To serve, you sprinkle icing sugar over the cake so if it cracks, no-one will notice.  How good is that? Continue reading