Pistachio and lime syrup cake with pomegranate seeds

Today, I have a very nice cake from Belinda Jeffery’s cookbook, Desserts.  As I have mentioned (a few times) before, I do like Belinda Jeffery’s books.  I actually make recipes from them which is more than I can say for a lot of my books.  I also like syrup cakes because I have a tendency to over cook my cakes.  As a result, they tend to be on the dry side.  The syrup hides this fact.  If you have a similar tendency, syrup cakes could be for you, too.

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Pumpkin espresso loaf cake


I was going through my emails the other day, deleting like mad.¬† In this household, we get five of every email, we have¬†two computers, an iPad, and two iPhones.¬† That is a lot of deleting.¬† To make matters worse, when we arrive at either Bridgetown or Perth, the in-box is chockers after not being open for up to two weeks.¬† On the night of arrival,¬†I¬†delete like crazy and, again, on the night before departure.¬† Sometimes, I get carried away and delete an important email or one I had saved to read –¬†que sera, sera.

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Orange … or lemon muffins … or cake

IMG_5958copyMy mate, Steve, gave me this recipe.¬† It is called Easy Orange Cake and it’s not called¬†that for nothing.¬† You won’t get an¬†easier cake to make.

The recipe indicated the mixture could also be made into muffins. ¬†And since there is only Maus and me, I decided to go with muffins so I could freeze some, if necessary, but they are disappearing¬†quickly so I don’t think there will be any¬†to freeze.

All you have to do for this recipe is put the ingredients into a food processor.¬†¬†If you only have a small food processor, chop your orange in it and then¬†put the orange¬†and¬†the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and mix by hand.¬† If you don’t have¬†a food processor, don’t worry, just chop the orange as finely as you can. Continue reading

In search of Chocolate Meringue Cake



Not so long ago, I read¬†this recipe on Francesca’s blog Almost Italian and I knew, instantly, that I was going to try it.¬† There are only¬†five¬†ingredients: egg whites (how I love to find a use for my ever-expanding freezer collection), sugar, chocolate, walnuts and dates.¬† With those ingredients, how could it not taste Absolutely Fabulous?¬† Then, whilst¬†reading the comments on the post, I was fascinated to note that Sandra from Please Pass the Recipe¬†had also posted the recipe on her blog.¬† That got me thinking.¬† From all those years studying statistics, I knew it could not be by chance that they had both come up with the same recipe.¬† So where did it come from?¬† Such a¬†question is usually quite¬†easy to solve with the help of Google – you can find anything on the web or, as it turns out, just about anything. Continue reading