Date Slice


The other week, Maus came into the study and said “I feel like a date pillow”.  As I am sure you all know by now, Maus’ wish is my command.

I interpreted what she said as ” I want you to make me a date slice.”  I stored the information away.  “I can do that,” I thought. “I have some date paste that needs a purpose.  I could kill two birds with one stone.” Continue reading

Chocolate and walnut slice


I first saw this slice on Jane’s, (The Shady Baker) July 2015 In My Kitchen post.  I was immediately smitten by the idea of it.  In my view there is no better combination than chocolate, walnuts and rolled oats.  It is a combination made in heaven.  I commented that her slice looked and sounded wonderful and Jane generously emailed me the recipe.

I can assure you the slice did not disappoint.  It is to die for.  I mentioned to Maus last night that I don’t think I should make it again as it is so good, I can’t get it out of my mind and, subsequently, I am eating  much more of it than my waistline would suggest is wise. Continue reading

Brutti ma Buoni alla Milanese (Hazelnut paste cookies)


For July and August, The Cookbook Guru is showcasing the book, The Italian Baker, by Carol Field.  Early in July, I checked out the book and spotted this recipe.  I was attracted because it required 8 (or 9) egg whites.  If there is one ingredient that I covet in a recipe as much as marmalade, it’s egg whites.  I, usually, have 15-20 in the freezer.

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Customised cookies or … the case of the second Y


My mate, Colette, has just been on holiday to the Motherland and came back bearing a haul of gifts for me (more in this month’s IMK post).  Thanks, Colette.  One of my gifts was this customisable cookie stamp.  I thought it was a hoot.  I immediately got all the letters out and started playing.  It’s Maus’ birthday in a couple of days so I decided to construct “Happy birthday”.  You can imagine my anguish when I got to “day” only to find there was not a second “Y”.  I was pretty pissed off – “pathetic,” I thought.  I was especially grumpy since the packaging showed a stamp bearing the message, ” Happy 5th Bday!” which, as you can see, needs two “Ys”.  Because I couldn’t make “Happy Birthday”, I went for the above sycophantic message.

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Walnut butter biscuits

IMG_2106copyAs you all know, this month’s feature cookbook by The Cookbook Guru is: The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook.  My last post from this cookbook featured the old favourites Burnt Butter Biscuits.  In that post, I mentioned I thought the sweet section of the book had stood the test of time better than the savoury.  Not to be a defeatist, I made the Spiced Beef on page 153 of the 1974 edition.  It tasted pretty good but it was supposed to be eaten as a cold meat and Maus and I had it hot with vegies.  And, even though I used the ingredients as listed, I didn’t follow the instruction too closely,  All in all, not post worthy.

So, back to the biscuit chapter I went.  There are lots of opportunities there.  I showed it to Maus and told her to choose a biscuit recipe she would like me to make but …. she got the answer wrong so I chose one myself. 🙂 Continue reading

Burnt butter biscuits


This month, The Cookbook Guru’s feature cookbook is The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook.

The Margaret Fulton Cookbook was first published in 1968.  The version I have was published in 1974.  A revised and updated edition was published in 2010.  That is over 40 years!! Continue reading

Jam Drops

056copyThere is nothing better than home made biscuits and this recipe is a beauty.

The recipe comes from Merle Parrish’s book, Merle’s Kitchen.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised as to how good they are.  I was attracted to the recipe because I had just made some passionfruit jam and thought, “because it is quite tangy, it would work well on buttery biscuit”.  How right I was.  It is perfect.  I have made this recipe twice in the last week and, each time, I doubled the recipe!

In the preamble to this recipe, Merle advises that jam drops are always popular with kids because they love to lick the jam from the middle before eating the biscuits.  I can vouch they are also popular with big kids, too … although I haven’t seen any licking the jam. Continue reading

We all have our idiosyncrasies …


I just seem to have more than the average person…  and bad habits, but we won’t go into them.

Back to my idiosyncrasies, it is a much safer topic.  I don’t like to have too much food in the freezer or pantry or too many knickers or t-shirts in my drawers (too many cookbooks is just fine, as is too many kitchen gadgets).  If I think I have too much or too many of something, I get stressed.  I have been particularly stressed since I started growing tomatoes … I certainly have too many preserved tomatoes in the pantry. 🙂 Continue reading

Ginger, honey and almond lace biscuits


As promised, Belinda Jeffery’s ginger, honey and almond lace biscuits…

Belinda suggested that these biscuits would go perfectly with the honey pots de crème that were featured in my previous post so I thought I would give them a try.

I served the biscuits with the honey pots and they did, in fact, go very well but I have since been eating them with a cup of coffee and they are perfect that way, too.

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