Soap for sale


Hello, everyone.

I have added a new menu item, underneath my banner, entitled Soap for Sale.  This is just to let people who are interested know what soap I have available.

This blog is not about me flogging my soap to readers.  Therefore, don’t worry, I won’t be doing the hard sell but …  In case you are interested, you can find my soap under this item.

love Glenda

Pavlov’s dogs and intermittent reinforcement


Anyone who has studied Psychology 100 knows all about Pavlov and his dogs.  For those who escaped:  Pavlov was a Russian researcher who was studying salivation in dogs (who knows why).  When he presented food to the dogs, they would salivate (which, for some unknown reason, he would measure).  After a while, he noticed that the dogs would begin to salivate as soon as he came into the room – even before he presented the food.  They associated him with food and his mere presence would get them salivating.  This association is known as classical conditioning.

Those who lasted past first semester would have then been introduced to BF Skinner.  Skinner built on Pavlov’s theory. Continue reading

Starry, Starry Night


I hadn’t made soap for one month and I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms so, a couple of days ago, I decided to remedy the situation.

I have had the idea for a Starry, Starry Night soap for ages (I actually made the moon a couple of months ago) but I was too busy making soap for the Easter stall and for my sister, to put my idea into practice. I thought it was a bit risky making it for the stall as I wasn’t sure how it would work out.  I had never used indigo powder or salt in soap before. Continue reading

I’ve been making soap, again …


Just before Christmas, I ran out of soap.  I’d have thought it impossible but it happened.

Hence, I have been making soap galore.  I plan to have a small stall at the Bridgetown Markets on Easter Sunday so I am trying to build up a range of soaps to sell.  I love those in the top photo.  I think they are really cute. Continue reading

Soap, soap, soap & more soap


I know it is hard to believe but, by Christmas day, I was all outa soap.  A month before Christmas, I was concerned that the soap would take over the house but then I really got into the Christmas groove and sold or gave away every decent bar of soap I had.  Maus and I get to use the not-so-pretty ones.  It felt great being liberated from all the old ones and gave me an excuse to make some more. Continue reading

Mint & chocolate cupcakes and Christmas cheer


You guessed it, I have been at it again.  I really do like making soap but this time of the year, I do have a purpose.  It is nearly Christmas and everyone I know will be getting soap – sorry to spoil the surprise, folks 🙂  Also, I have been selling a small amount.  A Bridgetown friend has sold a few bars for me and I have sold some to friends and rellies.  It is a seasonal thing.  Soap makes great small Christmas gifts. Continue reading