Veilchenblau was introduced in 1909 with claims that here, at last, was the blue rose.  Alas, it is not blue: rather, the flowers open purple and pass through shades of lilac and mauve and then to pale lilac grey – but, in that last stage, it is as close to blue as any rose gets.  I am assured you can, sometimes, see the odd old flower that could be described as blue without bending the truth too far.  I am yet to see it.

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The first rose of the season is here!  Crépuscule is a favourite of many and that is how I came to have it.  My sister, Vickie, was singing its praises, my ears pricked up and, before I knew it, I had one.

I have read that in warm climates, no climbing rose enjoys more acclaim than Crépuscule.  But I am not a big fan of Crépuscule.  It only has one fault but it is one that really annoys me – it holds its dead flowers on the bush which makes it look untidy.  In all other ways, Crépuscule is a perfect rose. Continue reading