Pierre De Ronsard, looking stunning

front gate 1

I am back in Perth.  I did my back in and Jules acquired a limp, so he was off to the vet and I was off to the masseur and chiropractor.  Normally this would make for a grumpy Glenda, but when I arrived to see this beautiful sight, my spirits lifted.  I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped away.  I need not have acted so swiftly.  It is even more beautiful now. Continue reading


Climbing Manita

Climbing Manita is a rose of exceptional quality and beauty so I was surprised when I could find very little information about it.  The only information I found was from Treloar Roses catalogue (where I bought it) and from Kordes, the breeder.  It does not appear in any of my rose books.  I don’t understand why not – as you can see from the photos, it is a stunner. Continue reading