China Doll

China Doll is a Polyantha Rose.

Now I don’t want to get technical but Modern Garden Roses are classified into four categories: Bush, Shrub, Climber or Miniature.  The Bush rose is sub-classified into Hybrid Tea, Floribunda and Polyantha. Continue reading


Cecile Brunner

There are so many beautiful roses so you can imagine the difficulty I had choosing a rose to be the very first ‘Rose of the Week’.  Then I walked passed my poor old neglected climbing Cecile Brunner, saw one gallant bud and the decision was made.

Cecile Brunner is an Old World Garden rose.  It flowers with abundance in spring and then sporadically thoughout summer.  The bush is vigorous.  Mine is planted against a rain water tank.  It is neither watered nor fertilised.  It gets pruned right back in winter and, in summer, towers over the tank. In spring, it is lovely. Continue reading