Arizona is a Hybrid Tea rose.

According to Botanica’s Roses, the colour of Arizona’s blooms varies according to location.  The colour is described by Botanica as follows:  The base colour is coppery orange, with salmon-red towards the petal edges and yellow in the petal depths; the tones are richer in cool climates.  The catalogue from where I bought my Arizona describes it as gold, copper and orange which seems a pretty good description of  the rose in the head photo.  The colour is pretty rich in our warm temperate climate so it must be quite magnificent, if it is indeed richer, in cool climates. Continue reading

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch


I was walking through my apricot rose garden looking for a subject for this week’s Rose of the Week and this beautiful bush, covered in golden yellow, flushed with vermillion and various shades of pink blooms, grabbed my attention.  One of the reasons I decided to do Rose of the Week was to take note and appreciate roses that don’t usually get my attention.  Dame Elisabeth Murdoch falls into that category.  Before yesterday, I would not have known I owned a Dame Elisabeth Murdoch… and just look at it.  Stunning. Continue reading


IMG_6845 copy1I think Athena is a stunner!

Athena is a Hybrid Tea rose. Its blooms are large, double and high centred.  The blooms are a beautiful clear white edged with crimson pink. Each bloom has over 30 petals.  Alas, there is very little scent.

Athena bears long flowering stems which primarily carry just one bud, making it perfect as a cut flower and, as an added bonus, the blooms last ages in the vase.  The bloom below lasted a week.  That’s as good as it gets for roses. Continue reading


IMG_1456 copySometimes, shit happens!!  Maus and I were sitting outside on a lovely, mild, summer’s night, waxing lyrical about how lucky we were and what a wonderful life we have, when I broke the spell by saying,  ” It is Sunday and I don’t think I did a ‘Rose of the Week’ post last week.”

Maus summarily directed that I get up from the table, not finish my last drop of red and do my Oklahoma post.  I thought this was retirement:) Continue reading

About Face

IMG_1124 copy

About Face is another stunner.  Its petals are a light, golden orange on the inside and a darker, bronzed orange on the outside, giving it a brilliant two-toned effect. Its magnificent colouring is particularly special in that bicolour roses usually have the lighter colour on the outside of their petals and the darker colour on the inside. Continue reading