Never fail sponge

Don’t you just hate “Never Fail” recipes!  They conjure up one image in my mind, “failure!!!”  It took me three attempts to get a decent soufflé from a “Never fail soufflé” recipe.

So I should have been nervous when I received an email from my niece, Fleur, entitled “Never fail sponge”.  I had asked her for the recipe she used for her son’s first birthday cake.  It was Maus’ birthday yesterday and I thought it would be nice if I made her a birthday cake. Continue reading

Christmas is all around …

p1010164copyChristmas time can be a bit weird.  Those of faith, I presume, can ignore all the commercial hype and concentrate on the original meaning of Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ.  But for those of us without faith, it has come to mean a time to decorate a tree, play carols, be with family and friends, exchange gifts and be merry.  All of which sounds rather jolly.  To help us achieve this dream, and in the name of commercialism,  we are flooded with images of the ideal Christmas, an ideal, I am sure, most cannot achieve. Continue reading

What about me?

What about me? It isn’t fair
I’ve had enough, now I want my share
Can’t you see, I want to live
But you just take more than you give

Garry Frost and Frances Swan

On the night President-elect Trump was elected, I wrote a post about the David Austin rose, Sharifa Asma. It took all my strength not to comment on the outcome of the election because, along with many, many people, I was devastated.  But, I reasoned, this blog is about food and gardens.  A safe haven from political comment.

But then I read Francesca’s post and Cecilia’s post and Sawsan’s post and I thought, “Why not?”

Continue reading

The recalcitrant mower and the meaning of life


See the torn belt on the cutting deck?

This photo is for Robyn.  She asked for a photo of our baby.

Although this post is going to sound like a rant, I want to say at the outset, “I like my mower”.  We could have bought a nice car with what this guy has cost us but we bought a mower and would again.  Why?  Because this mower and the woes it presents are part of the life we have chosen. Continue reading

I had a bad day today …


It started innocuously enough.  Maus had to go to Manjimup, 40 kilometres away, to pick up our ride-on mower and I was going to make a cake.

As anyone who has a ride-on knows, they have a lot in common with ink jet printers – both send you broke.  In one instance, it is replacement ink cartridges and in the other, ongoing repairs.  The situation has been made worse of late as the only guy in town who seemed to know what he was doing retired, so we were trying out a repair man from the next town.  Maus had arranged to borrow a trailer but, as luck would have it, it wasn’t available.  That meant we had to hire one. Continue reading

Soap for sale


Hello, everyone.

I have added a new menu item, underneath my banner, entitled Soap for Sale.  This is just to let people who are interested know what soap I have available.

This blog is not about me flogging my soap to readers.  Therefore, don’t worry, I won’t be doing the hard sell but …  In case you are interested, you can find my soap under this item.

love Glenda