A country life… all you need is patience


About 18 months ago, I decided we needed a retaining wall built behind our garage.  I was reluctant to call the guy who had built another wall for us.  It was not that the garden wall he had built was not good – in fact, it was bloody good.  The problem was he took ages and ages to come.  I remember ringing him on a regular basis until, finally, he arrived.  When he did come, he came with a smile, did a good job and did things over and above what was called for.

In the end, I decided to risk it and called, let us name him, ***.

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Quince Frangipane Tart

I just love quince frangipane tart.  It is such a wonderful, classic French dessert.  This recipe is based on Damien Pignolet’s recipe in french.

Quince Jam

I always use this recipe as the base for my frangipane tart.  It is great because you can make the tart whenever you feel like it, not just in the quince season.  Of course, if it is quince season, you could use poached or baked quinces. Continue reading

Spiced Quinces

I was going through my recipe books the other day looking for things to do with pomegranates when I fell upon  this recipe in Arabesque by Greg and Lucy Malouf.  I have a few of their books (ie, all of them).

I decided to give it a go as there is only so much jelly one can eat.  The recipe called for 4 quinces, I had 5.  At first, I increased the fluid and spices by 25% but found I needed more fluid so I ended up doubling them.  For 5 quinces, the following quantities should be perfect.  Continue reading

Spiced Quince Jelly

Ages ago, my neighbour, Renate, brought over (or rather up, as in hill) a book she thought I may like.  It was called Home-Made and at a fraction of the cost by Polly Pinder.  It is a gem of a book.  Just the type of book I love.  It covers so many things, eg, making bread, sweets, preserves, cosmetics, soaps, etc. There is a chapter for each.  I quickly wrote down a few of the recipes and gave the book back.  When I was in Willunga recently, I went to a charity book sale and there it was.  All books were $2.00. I LOVE a find like that.  Mine is hard covered, toooo.  It was first published in 1983; mine is the 1984 reprint.  The paperback version was published in 1984.
Keep a look out for it next time you visit an Op Shop. 
One of the recipes I wrote out of Renate’s book was Spiced Quince Jelly for, you see, I have a quince tree. Continue reading