Curing Olives – Another way

This is the way to cure olives if you are too busy to sit down and put 4 slits into each olive,  as per my previous recipe.  I would invariably cure my olives this way when I was working.

I would come back to Perth tired on a Sunday night thinking only of going to bed, but a bucket of olives would look at me, accusingly.  If using this method, all you have to do is pour water over them and go to bed with no guilt whatsoever.  You have started the process and it only took a minute. Continue reading


Olive Varieties in Perth

I am often asked to identify olive varieties so I thought those with trees out there may be interested in checking out the varieties I have.

All the distinction between oil olives and table olives means is that olives bred for oil will usually have a higher oil content and table olives will usually be larger and have a better pit to flesh ratio.  You can pickle oil olives and you can press table olives.  If, after reading this post, you discover you have an oil variety, pickle away.  You will just have small olives rich in oil on your table. Continue reading

Curing Olives – One way

Olive trees are everywhere in Perth, in people’ gardens, in parks and on street verges.  This time of the year, they are laden with olives and often they are not being picked.  I do not know why.  Foraging is a wonderful thing.  It is local food for the taking.  I am always thinking about food miles and food you have picked yourself has the least by far.  There are shortages of food all around the world and yet we, in rich countries, ignore fruit laden trees but will buy the same produce from half way round the world in supermarkets. Continue reading