Cucumber Sandwich Pickles

IMG_1780 copy

I made these pickles last summer when I had cucumbers galore.  Maus asked that I make bread and butter pickles.  She assured me she liked them.  I tell you now, I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea.  When you make pickles at home, you always end up with quite a few jars and my Maus is a fussy bugger.  I figured if I made them, she would politely taste a few from one jar, tell me that they were nice and then forget about ’em.  They would then languish in the pantry until I gave them away.  You see, I don’t particularly like pickled cucumbers. Continue reading


Cucumber Relish

IMG_1649 copyWe have a serious cucumber problem at the moment.  I have already shown you a photo of the cucumbers we picked last week.  In one day, after being away for 5 days, we picked 17.   We ate cucumber every day, gave away as many as we could, made bread and butter pickles, this relish recipe, put 2 in the dog’s big pot and have one left.  Good effort I thought, then …

We arrived back in Bridgetown last night to find 19 more cucumbers on the vines.  Yes, you read right, 19!!!  I spent this evening knocking on my neighbours’ doors offering cucumbers.  It is such a pity they all come at once. Continue reading