A spanner in the works


Celia, from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, has been championing the merits of clay cookware of late.  She is not a fan of cast iron enamel pots because of their weight and the fact that they are buggers to clean.

I am not particularly enamoured with cast iron enamel cookware either.  I must admit that I have looked at it, longingly, in kitchenware shops but the price always put me off. I had never bought any until I spent a month in France some years ago.  I just had to buy a piece of Le Creuset in France.  Luckily, we hired a car so it wasn’t the burden lugging it around might have been.  I do use it, but nowhere near as much as you might think.  It only really comes out when I have a couple of casserole dishes going at once.  I find food sticks to it and it is bloody heavy.

So, I hear you ask, if you are not a Le Creuset woman, what type of woman are you? Continue reading


Pressure canners

185copyWhen I started this blog, I included a category entitled “My Favourite Things”.  I haven’t added much to it but, lately, I have been thinking about my pressure canner and it occurred to me that it sure deserves a spot in that category.

I bought my Presto Pressure Canner from Redback Trading Company whilst I was still working.  It was one of those items I dreamt I would need in retirement. It epitomised the life I wanted to lead.   Well, I am living that life now, and my pressure canner is being put to use. Continue reading

Dodoni Feta

 A while ago, I was reading Greek Cookery from the Hellenic Heart by George Calombaris which, by the way, is a good cookbook.  I define a cookbook as a ‘good cookbook’ if I have made a recipe in it more than once and Greek Cookery falls within that category in more than one instance.  

 Anyway, I was reading (as you do) Greek Cookery and I noticed that everytime George mentioned feta as an ingredient, he would write:  I use Dodoni. Continue reading