In My Kitchen – January 2017


Happy New Year, everyone!

I haven’t written an “In My Kitchen” post for a while as I haven’t had anything new but I do now!

In my kitchen:

Are cherries.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we harvested cherries this year for only the second time in 20 years.  Clearly, the weather was just right for them as the trees produced their crop despite total neglect. Continue reading

In My Kitchen – October 2016


Image result for sulking emojiI have been holding off writing an In My Kitchen post until I had some new things to show you but, with two kitchens full, I am not buying many new things.  That is why it has been a while since my last In My Kitchen post .  My kitchens have all the gadgets and toys they could possibly want, although …

Every now and again, something very special, like this gorgeous jug, catches my eye and I can’t resist . Continue reading

In My Kitchen – August 2016


Hello, everyone.  Do you love my cover photo?  This is how Maus and I open canned food – with an old fashioned can punch.

Those who have been reading this blog for a while would know I have a few things in my kitchen but, alas, on this night, there was no can opener.  Luckily, Maus found an old can punch in the back of the drawer, otherwise we would have been stuck.  I must put a can opener on the shopping list. Continue reading

In my kitchen – June 2016

IMG_5711copyHello, everyone.

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while but I have an excuse.  We have been in Adelaide for their Cabaret Festival.  I must say, we were very impressed.  For a small city, they put on a great, well-organised festival.  We were also impressed with how well patronised the shows were.  Most of the shows were either booked out or had only a few empty seats. Continue reading

In My Kitchen – April 2016


In my kitchen:

Are two Kashmiri papier mâché apples.  We bought them in Sri Nagar in 1988 from Suffering Moses – yes, that was the name of the shop.  They are hand painted.  I can see why we bought them.  I love the colours and the stained glass on our front windows is of irises.  Because of this, we have bought quite a few iris-themed pieces over the years.

Continue reading

In My Kitchen – March 2016


In my kitchen:

Is a beeswax and cotton re-usable food wrap.  It was a gift from our friends, Sue and Matt.  They have just come home from their annual pilgrimage to New Zealand.  Wax wraps are marketed as a way to reduce plastic waste (which has gotta be good).  According to the spiel, they are ideal for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, salami, etc.  I just love the design.  Sue tells me the flower is Pohutukawa and the bird is a Tui.  If I hadn’t seen the names written down, I would still be scratching my head. Continue reading

In My Kitchen – February 2016


In my kitchen:

Are cherry tomatoes…  Of course, it was inevitable.  Initially, I let one self-seed and all these tomatoes are from that plant.

I planted two Roma tomato seeds and, when they didn’t sprout, I planted another three but they didn’t sprout either so it’s just cherry tomatoes this year. Continue reading