Just for completeness …


You are, probably, sick of Clivia photos but these are the last two to flower and I wanted a record of all my 2015 flowers, therefore, … one last post.

The top photo is a Clivia my sister, Juanita, gave me earlier this year.  It is proof just how hardy they are.  I visited Juanita one day and she asked whether I wanted a Clivia.  The plant was in a bucket, without soil.  I don’t know how long it had been out of the ground.  I took it home and wrapped the roots in wet paper.  The next day, we drove to Bridgetown and, the day after that, I planted it.  The plant is now huge and has the biggest cluster of flowers of all my Clivias.  It is a delightful specimen.  As you can see, it is a brilliant orange, the flowers are exceptionally large and open quite flat (see the flower, centre left).  Fantastic, thanks, Sis. Continue reading

My new Clivias


As you would all know by now, I am an excitable woman.  And this week, I am really excited about my new Clivias.

My sister, Sandra, put me onto a fabulous nursery, Clivia Classiques, in Forrestdale.  We went there last week and I was extremely impressed.  They have a huge enclosure, exclusively dedicated to Clivias.  There are thousands of Clivias.  I could not believe my eyes.  When we were there, most of the Clivias were just in bud but, in a week or two, the whole area will be amass with blooms. Continue reading

Vegie patch update – June 2015

IMG_2470copy1Before I begin this post, I must apologise for the photos.  They were taken with the incorrect white balance.  I have done my best to fix them, but when they are so out, it is hard to get them right.  Of course, if I was in Bridgetown, I could just go outside and take them again.  Alas, I am in Perth.

Bad photos not withstanding, we must proceed and the subject of the above photo is the main reason for this post.  I have had the whip out for ages now and Maus has, finally, finished my compost bin(s)!  Isn’t it beautiful.  I just love it.  She’s a gem 🙂 Continue reading

What I like to do more than anything else …

2013 10 06_0963 copy

Last summer, there was post after post after post about my prolific vegie patch.  That vegie patch was a dream come true.  I had wanted one for so long.  That is what retirement is about.  You get to do all the things you have ever wanted to do. Continue reading

The price of an overseas holiday


I don’t want you to think my life is all beer and skittles.

This pile of weeds is 12 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and about 0.5 metres high and I pulled up every bloody one of them!!!  (Maus picked them up and put them in the trailer.)  We have finished weeding one rose garden.  I am so lucky, my darling sister, Sandra, and her friend, Merle, weeded another bed for me whilst we were away. Continue reading

Vegie Patch Update

Remember my vegie patch?  It has well and truly taken off.  In fact, it has gone mad.  I have done what every newbie does: planted too much of everything.  I tried not to, but when a little pot of seedlings has about 15 silverbeet plants in it, one is doomed to fail.  I explicitly did not buy a punnet of silverbeet because, in my humble opinion, a little of it goes a long way.  As I have told you time and time again, we have been getting mountains of it.  So much, in fact, the other day I pulled most of it out.  I couldn’t stand it any more.  The freezer has not much else in it and it is bursting at the seams.

And then there are the cucumbers …

IMG_1598 copy Continue reading