My tomatoes turned black!

I have never seen this before so I had to show you.  They looked like they were burnt black.  It was bloody amazing.

As you would all expect, it is tomato time in Western Australian vegie gardens and my Roma tomatoes are doing the right thing and producing a decent amount. Continue reading

Wisteria, at last …

This one, I think, is a Chinese Wisteria, Wisteria Sinensis

Today it is all about some self-gratuitous photos of my Wisteria.  I love Wisteria.  How can you not?  But my relationship with Wisteria is complex.  They are magnificent when in flower but it is a short show and, and it is a big and, if you disturb their roots they will throw up suckers for years and years and years… Continue reading

When did I get old?


I used to be young.

People say, “You are only as old as you feel.”  Well, I feel old.

Maus and I have finished the winter pruning and it’s time to celebrate or, it would be, if not for the fact that all the Spring jobs loom large.  We have to start mowing and weeding and rake the bottom acre before the fire season.  We have to fertilise everything and spray the roses and the grapevines and prune the passionfruit and get the vegie patch ready.  Oh, me!   Oh, my! Continue reading