After a cry for help regarding the abundance of tomatoes in my vegie patch, I received the following comment from a reader named Jenny:

What about some kasundi with the next batch? We love it, and eat lots of it – with curries, as a marinade for meat, as a cooking sauce (thinned with bottled tomatoes), stirred into stews etc, with sour cream as a dip or topping, with cheese …

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Bean Relish

023copyBeans, beans, everywhere beans.  My freezer is chockers with beans (and broccoli and leeks).   I mixed some alpaca poo into my soil before I planted the bean seeds and they have grown like the bean stalk in the well known children’s tale.  Obviously, they love it.  Last year, I got a few miserable feeds and this year I would have picked pretty close to 20 kilograms.  Here’s to the alpaca poo!  Thanks, Sue and Matt.

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Corn Relish


I now have two vegie patches.  They are 12 metres long and 1.5 metres wide and they are flourishing.

This year I have been a little wiser with my planting.  I am scarred for life after last year’s effort.  I had never seen so many tomatoes and cucumbers in my life.  I still remember the day I picked 28 cucumbers and the days I picked tomatoes by the bucket loads, not in cute little bowls.  I do not think we will get through the preserved tomatoes and cucumber relish by the end of 2014.  I think it will be 2016 before I will need to preserve any more. Continue reading

Cucumber Sandwich Pickles

IMG_1780 copy

I made these pickles last summer when I had cucumbers galore.  Maus asked that I make bread and butter pickles.  She assured me she liked them.  I tell you now, I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea.  When you make pickles at home, you always end up with quite a few jars and my Maus is a fussy bugger.  I figured if I made them, she would politely taste a few from one jar, tell me that they were nice and then forget about ’em.  They would then languish in the pantry until I gave them away.  You see, I don’t particularly like pickled cucumbers. Continue reading

A Sad Day …

2013 05 17_0343 copyI pulled up my tomato plants today (actually, it took two days) and it was very sad.  We had to do it as we will be going on holiday soon and won’t be in a position to look after them.

We are well and truly over tomatoes and, in that sense, were glad to see them go.  There are only so many tomatoes one can cope with.  But …. it was still very sad. Continue reading

Pickled Chillies

2013 04 19_0050 copy

I know I have been raving all summer about my tomatoes and cucumbers – and yes, they are still producing.  We are picking about 20 or so cucumbers a week and I am still bottling tomatoes 2 or 3 times a week.  I don’t think there is any way we will be able to eat all the tomatoes in one year.  Oh, well …. Continue reading

Cucumber Relish

IMG_1649 copyWe have a serious cucumber problem at the moment.  I have already shown you a photo of the cucumbers we picked last week.  In one day, after being away for 5 days, we picked 17.   We ate cucumber every day, gave away as many as we could, made bread and butter pickles, this relish recipe, put 2 in the dog’s big pot and have one left.  Good effort I thought, then …

We arrived back in Bridgetown last night to find 19 more cucumbers on the vines.  Yes, you read right, 19!!!  I spent this evening knocking on my neighbours’ doors offering cucumbers.  It is such a pity they all come at once. Continue reading

Zucchini Relish

IMG_1692 copyI thought I was so smart.  I wasn’t going to be fooled by the temptress that is a zucchini plant.  I remember the pleading calls of zucchini growers from last year.  “What can you do with excess zucchinis??????????”   In Western Australia, you cannot give them away in summer.

I went to visit  my neighbour, Renate, last week to strip her cumquat tree and we got chatting.  Before I knew it, and when my defences were down, she asked, ‘Would you like some zucchini?”  “Just one”, I knowingly replied, visualising a kitchen full of the monsters. Continue reading

Pickled Onions

Where does time go?  I used to be young (and slim).  We used to measure in ounces and pounds and typewriters were all the go…

The impetus for making my own pickled onions was the realisation that the Australian brand onions we had been buying for years are now ‘made in’ India.  Not that I have anything against India – in fact, I love the place. I have been there several times … but what about the food miles? Continue reading