A dog day afternoon


It’s summer glut time and I’m suffering badly.  I find it impossible to let produce go to waste.  And I don’t like giving away produce if I think I may need it sometime in the forth coming year.  Cucumbers I am happy to give away because I am determined not to make any more relish or pickles until we have eaten what is in the pantry – and there is not much else you can do with cucumbers. Continue reading


Pomegranate Molasses

Ok, I know everyone must be sick of pomegranate recipes but I thought I would do one last post as pomegranate molasses is often called for in recipes and many wouldn’t know how easy it is to make.

This recipe comes from the beautiful book, Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume by Silvena Rowe.  The only tricky bit to it is timing.  Make sure you take it off the heat before you have pomegranate toffee. Continue reading


Did I mention that I have a few (hundred) pomegranates?  What to do with them all?

I have been scanning the web (again) looking for ideas. Grenadine.

There are quite a few recipes for grenadine on the net but they are all pretty disparate.

Grenadine is, essentially, pomegranate juice and sugar. Continue reading

Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Cumquat Sauce

Panna cotta is one of life’s great delights. I love all panna cotta but this one is my favourite.

I remember the time I first tasted buttermilk panna cotta with cumquat sauce. I was at a function to publicise the release of Maggie Beer’s Maggie’s Harvest.  It was a 5 course dinner with the menu sourced from the book.  The price of the dinner included wine.  The wine waiters were a little too generous with refilling our glasses so by the time we got to dessert I was, along with my friends, more than a little intoxicated.  It was a great night.

I tasted the dessert and suddenly I felt sober.  I could not believe how good it was.  I remember turning to my friend and saying, ‘taste the dessert’.  She gave me a ‘I’m too full to have another bite’ look.  I said, ‘ no, I mean it, taste the dessert’.  It was divine. Continue reading

Passionfruit Syrup


IMG4624-2015Given the title of this blog, it is fitting that my first post deals with passionfruit.  My generous neighbour, Renate, recently gave me a couple of bags of passionfruit from her prolific vine.  She advises me that the secret to her success is the fact that the vine is growing at the end of her leach drain.   As I am going through a home-made yoghurt phase (more on that later), I decided to make passionfruit syrup to drizzle on my yoghurt.

Continue reading