Roasted Tomatoes, Prosciutto and Spaghetti

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At last, I am beginning to use the tomatoes I preserved from my summer/autumn bounty.  When at their peak, I oven-roasted lots of Roma tomatoes, vacuum packed and froze them. Continue reading



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I have recently been seduced by Nigella.  She has been swooning all over my television screen show-casing Nigellissima.  Of course, I succumbed to her charm and bought the book.  But I must say, it is disappointing.  Not that it isn’t a good book; just that it doesn’t compare to Nigella shrugging her shoulder as she licks a spoon. Continue reading

Tomato and Sage Tart

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We were in the local newsagency the other day, buying birthday cards (it appears that most people I know have birthdays at the end of January) and the cover of Feast Magazine (Issue 18) jumped out at me. It was a decidedly better photo of this tart. Continue reading

Cauliflower Fritters with Tomato & Spinach

These little guys are more like patties than fritters so you can’t say, ‘What?  Fritters again?’

They tasted great but were quite time-consuming to make.  Don’t do what we did, open a bottle of wine and start preparing at 6:00pm.  We sipped as we cooked the cauliflower, toasted the pine nuts, fried the onion, chopped this and chopped that.  Before we knew it, there was a very big dent in the bottle of wine but still no patties.  It was a pretty late dinner and we were a little tipsy by the time we sat down.  Luckily, we weren’t in a hurry and they were worth the effort. Continue reading

Chicken Escalopes with Tomatoes & Capers

This is another recipe from my new book, Tessa Kiros’ Apples for Jam.  I was attracted to its simplicity and the fact that it had capers in it.  I am always on the lookout for recipes calling for capers.

It’s a great recipe and definitely one I am adding to my repertoire.  It has all the flavours I love, is as simple as simple can be and it looks and tastes great.  For what more could you ask? Continue reading

Sausage and Potato Goulash

The other day I went to the shops to buy a mate a cookbook.  I bought one for him and three books for ME.  That’s fair, don’t you think?

One of my purchases was Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros (it was on special and I can’t resist a bargain).  I was flicking through it and this recipe caught my eye.  I fiddled with the quantities a bit so feel free to do the same. The original recipe serves eight which is just a bit too much for two people.  These quantities would serve three or four. Continue reading

Tourte Au Camembert

Maus chose this dish.  It is probably not something I would have chosen to make but it tasted very good.  It is amazing how wonderful simple dishes can be.  It is perfect as a main for a vegetarian meal or as an accompaniment to a meat dish. Continue reading

A sort of Osso Buco

This recipe comes from Belinda Jeffrey’s The Country Cook Book: Seasonal Jottings and Recipes.  In her words, it is ‘a sort of’ Osso Buco, and bloody good it was, too.

The Country Cookbook is not my favourite Belinda Jeffrey book.  In fact, I probably like it the least of all her books.  But I some times find I feel this way about a book only because I haven’t really given it a chance.  Giving The Country Cookbook another go, I came across a recipe: Risoni with Saffron and Lemon. Continue reading