It’s our 40th anniversary!!!!

and we are home alone – no family, no friends, no party, no overseas romantic getaway and no presents! –

But who cares?  Look how gorgeous we were?

I always tell the story of how I chose Maus.  It was a deliberate, intellectual decision not one of the heart.  I was an introverted, shy, social inadequate and Maus had fabulous social skills.  Everywhere she went, she would say “Hello” to people, she remembered their names and made them feel important.  Everyone knew and loved her.  We met at a work training school.  She was the most popular person in the school – socially confident, charming and extraverted.  The opposite to me.  I assessed, and rightly so, I needed her.

I knew I needed a person like that so I started to work my magic.  Alas, my magic was slow to take effect.  It took me a year to even get her to go out with me.  But I was persistent, I knew I was on a “good thing”.  I asked her out on a regular basis, I even stuck love poems to her front door but still she resisted.  I often wonder how she was able to resist my charms for so long but resist them she did.  Finally, it was the offer to see the movie “Kramer v Kramer” that won her over.

This photo was taken at our kitchen tea.  Geez, I had good friends.  Maus and I were moving in together (after only “going out” for three months) and my wonderful friend, Alyson, decided to put on a kitchen tea for us.  For the young ones out there, a kitchen tea is the old fashion equivalent of a hens night.  All your female friends and family members would gather together for tea and cake and they would bring a kitchen item as a gift to help you set up house.

I don’t know why I have a photo of us sitting on a bed but we look cute nonetheless.  I am showing the photo because of my top, it was made from crushed velvet and I loved it.  My mum made it.


This photo is to show how skinny I was. The sad thing is, I always thought I was fat.  What is it about young people?  We always worry about something, don’t we? Maus has always been slim and when she was young she worried all the time about being too slim.  I worried about my fat bum and she worried that her bum was not fat enough!!

I was too fat and she was too skinny but when you look at the photo, we are both bloody fine.


47 thoughts on “It’s our 40th anniversary!!!!

  1. Hi Glenda,
    Sent you an email earlier today but it bounced! So, went looking for your blog, which I used to look at. Seems you don’t keep it anymore (ongoing, that is)? So, this will also probably not reach you ☹️!
    Anyway, having another go to reach out, in case.
    Didn’t know of your 40th anniversary! Can’t believe that it has been so long for you and Maureen. Time flies, and now, we are the oldies! I’ve missed most of your life, of course. Would have loved to celebrate the special occasion with you both. Yes, you were (and are, no doubt) gorgeous. I remember the crushed velvet top from years ago – you often wore it and said how much you loved it.
    Please reply if you get this.
    Maitland xx.

  2. congrats and happy anniversary! 40 years is something to be proud of. hubby and i are up to 34 years now, plus 4 years before marriage. phew not always easy is it? you both looked gorgeous!

  3. Wow 40 years ago since we were at Aly’s for your kitchen tea (I took that pic!). I remember a couple of our school friends kept asking when the wedding was, and who the lucky guy was!! 🤣🤣 Did they get an education that day!
    Love you two 💓 💓. Jane

  4. Hi Glenda, just saw your post, looking for the recipe for the Lunch Box cookies. 40 years is a fantastic achievement, Congrats to you and Maureen.I cannot remember you being so slim, Well what do you expect 40 years ago is a long time. Love you


  5. What great pictures- it seems just yesterday we attended your 30th anniversary.. and I haven’t even thought of the term ‘ kitchen tea’ for a hundred years but they were big in Kerang ! Big hugs and kisses to you both Colin and Emily xxx

  6. I loved reading that and looking at your gorgeous photos. Congrats, hope you get to enjoy a celebration sometime soon because 40 years is pretty special 💕💕

  7. Well, well, well now that is some story. You are both still gorgeous, so keep on keeping on!!!
    Love to you both & cheers.

  8. Congratulations you guys it certainly is a milestone it’s such a shame we can’t be there to help u celebrate it. 🎉What fantastic photo’s I love looking back at young photo’s I’m sure Maus doesn’t regret her decision ha!!
    Love you both heaps 💕🐾😘🥰 xx

  9. Congratulations on reaching the big 40th anniversary to you both. Love those pretty young photos of you both. Certainly can see the Italian in you Glenda in those photos. My did we do it hard in our early days of courting. Thinking of you both.
    Jen and Maus

  10. Happy anniversary to you both. Thank you for sharing the fabulous story and photos. I like your reasons for choosing Maus, and 40 years is testimony to their soundness. Perhaps in 10 years Maus can share why she resisted your charms, then agreed… it can’t just have been Kramer v Kramer. Surely the love poems pinned to the door must have counted for something…

  11. Sending you both lots of love and virtual hugs on your 40th anniversary. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope to chat soon. Love Sharmila and Andrew xx

  12. Well a huge congratulations to you on your 40th anniversary. Love hearing your story & seeing the photos. We’ll have a toast to you tonight. Enjoy 🥂💕🥂

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