Whatcha been doin’?

We have been cooking.  It feels comforting to be cooking.  I am getting really bad cabin fever which is a grand effort on seven acres.  I know just about everyone else is worse off than me but ….. grrrrrrrr.

It is not just because of the coronavirus.   A few years back, we leased our house in Perth.  This was because looking after two houses was getting to be a real pain in the arse.  Instead, we stayed in our flat when we visited Perth.  The flat worked out perfectly until we got the puppies because, unfortunately, the flat is carpeted throughout.

At first, we didn’t even bother taking them to Perth.  I went a couple of times to see my sick sister.  Each time, I drove back after an overnight stay.  Christmas was the first time since we got the pups that we went to Perth together.  At that stage, we thought we could contain them in a play pen and on the balcony.  That did not work.  Next time, we covered the whole flat in tarpaulins.  All I can say is, “Thank goodness, we did.”  They were sort of toilet trained but those skills just didn’t translate to the flat.  It was enough to drive us back home ASAP.  And now, we are not allowed to go to Perth :(.

Stocking up the pantry with the excess summer crop has real purpose this year.   While totally understanding it is not necessary, it feels good to be doing it.  Notwithstanding my brain telling me to stop being silly, all that hand sanitiser and social distancing is making me feel very vulnerable going to the supermarket.  It is enough to make you want to stay at home and eat from the pantry.

Luckily, the summer crops are still producing which is allowing me to keep busy. Yesterday, I made a batch of tomato sauce, using the same recipe as I have previously.  Here is the link.

The kiwanas (prickly cucumbers) are going mad, as I knew they would.  But, alas, you can’t preserve them like you can tomatoes.  I picked these yesterday and I could have picked double the number.  We are eating one most days but there is no way we are going to be able to eat them all.  If you are reading this and live in Bridgetown and would like some, please, let me know and we will drop a few off to you.  Trust me, they are really nice.

They look like this inside and taste like a cucumber.  You remove the thick peel – the outer skin is quite hard – you only eat the jelly seed part.  When I was a kid, we used to call them prickly cucumbers.  I don’t know why, it seems I am the only person who had these as a kid.  I have no idea from where my parents got them.  In those days, we had these, along with apple cucumbers.  Even back then, I preferred these.  Come on, people, give them a go.

I also made a double batch of Lunchbox cookies.  I have already written two posts on these biscuits. One in 2013 (here is the link ) and another in 2015 (here is the link).  Both times I said I was making these biscuits because I had some old 2003, yes 2003, mandarin marmalade that I was trying to use up.  The lunch box cookie recipe uses ¼ cup of marmalade.  At the end of the 2015 post, I advised that I only had 1½ jars left!  Well, after I made this double batch, IT HAS ALL GONE!!  I did it!. That is the first and last time I will be making marmalade 😦 .

Remember the extra scoop of red kidney beans I bought the last time we were in Perth?  Well, they came in handy when I made a big batch of chilli con carne recently.  I have been craving chilli con carne for ages and intended to make it when I bought the beans.   Here is the link to the recipe, if you are interested.  I cooked up one kilogram of mince which made enough for four meals for us – three went into the freezer.  We will be eating all this food for ages 🙂 .

Another old favourite which we have had recently is noodles with chicken, coriander and peanuts (here is the link).  When I say old favourite, I really mean old.  We have been making this recipe for more than 20 years.  I adapted a recipe from the 1995  Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook, Sensational Stir Fries.  It is one of a very small number of recipes we have, at least, once a month – I think it would rank only after spag bol and a pasta with a simple tomato sauce as our most frequent meal.  It is a very simple recipe but absolutely yummy.

Post script:  It is raining!  I am so excited.  It is the first rain we have had for months and months and months.  We have four tanks and three are totally empty and the last one, which we use for the house, has only 3 or 4 rungs left.  We have been using this water very carefully – only the vegie patch is being watered now.   The rain, even if it is not enough to go into the tanks, will freshen up the other plants and put a bit of moisture into the paddock.  This may result in a bit of cover so when the real rain comes, it does not take all the top soil with it.



30 thoughts on “Whatcha been doin’?

  1. Colin made the chicken coriander peanut dish tonight! Very tasty all enjoyed- no peanuts because of Callum’s peanut allergy but I stirred peanut butter through mine! Delicious!

  2. Colin made the chicken coriander peanut dish tonight! Very tasty all enjoyed- no peanuts because of Callum’s peanut allergy but I stirred peanut butter through mine! Delicious!

  3. Such culinary passing of time has been dubbed #coronacooking #coronabaking… Other than sourdough bread I’ve avoided baking (and eating of same) but the G.O. grabbed a gramma from a roadside stall so I see gramma and maybe pie happening over Easter. Last weekend chilli con carne called to me, which last night became enchiladas. It ticks the box. After reading your post I can see chicken and noodles on the menu too. Retro foods are made for #coronacooking probably because back-in-the-day most people didn’t pop to the shops every day… last week I made the best salmon impossible pie with breadcrumb topping using what we had here. I ventured to the supermarket yesterday for a quick grocery top up and a few Easter supplies, which will keep us going for a month. Good thing too, supermarket prices are climbing.

  4. Glenda,I only found your blog last year and have enjoyed reading and cooking from it.Loved your linseed bread .I just read this post and decided to make the lunch box cookies .Just out of the oven and they look good,so let’s hope they taste o.k.I didn’t have marmalade,used all that in my Christmas cakes so foraged out some (fairly old) apricot jam(not my favourite) so hope they work out .I put half sultanas ,half choc chips,and my grandson will eat anything with chocolate in it so they won’t be wasted .

    • Hi Cheryl. Glad you are liking the blog. Now I am out of old marmalade, I would love to know how they went with jam. I am always on a mission to empty jars of this and that 😃

  5. i know what you mean about cabin fever! it’s getting to me too. we had driveway drinks last night with our two allowed guests. it was fabulous to be in the fresh air and talking to someone other than hubby:) I made chicken soup the other day with a carcass from the freezer. i am finding all sorts of odd and old things there – tee hee. take care!

    • Hi Sherry, bloody hell! We are only allowed one guest and every one we know are couples 😢😢. We are clearing out the freezer eating things I made for drinks with friends. Nobody is coming 🤣🤣

  6. Having binged twice now on your sultana slice during the Covid crisis I need to be reminded of something else to make – I have made those lunchbox cookies before and will do so again if I can find a neglected jar of marmalade- I am not a fan of marmalade so if my pantry is empty perhaps I will try any other random jam and let you know – I doubt it will be as good though .. the tanginess is what works so well …

  7. Hi Aunty Glen, I think a lot of folk have cabin fever and a case of Groundhog Day. Lucky for me work is ticking over (just) and between the girls being home and rob working from home my days are jam packed! I would love to try your chicken, coriander and peanut recipe but coriander is the one thing Rob won’t eat! A bit like mum, she isn’t a fan either. I have been baking a lot lately, with a full house it feels like we have a 24hr kitchen running! Take care, lucky you have lots if hobbies. Kate xx

  8. Hi Glenda and Maureen, Your tomato Sauce recipe came at a perfect time, I have just walked in from Gilberts South Street where I just can’t go past the seconds shelf I got lovely ripe tomatoes for a dollar a kg bought three walking out was thinking now what so there you go my lucky day. I actually do have cabin fever but no doubt will survive. All the best and thank you for your posts. Jenny

    • Hi Jen. Fabulous news. This recipe is very similar to the one my mum used to make. It is much nicer than the bought stuff. All the best with the cabin fever. I know how you feel ☹️ xxx

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