Oh! I love it.

After my last post, my mate Al sent me this absolutely fabulous photo.  It appeals to me on so many levels.

It is a photo of a Hills Hoist clothes line which has been taken over by a passionfruit vine.  How Australian is that?  An Australian icon covered in an Australian icon.

What I love so much about this photo is the owners’ sense of endurance (or sense of humour) in hanging their socks and tea towels on the line.   There is no suggestion the vine must give way for the clothes.  Oh no!  The clothes must give way to the vine.  How wonderful!  I love the owners of this house.  They understand that not everything should be pruned to fit into a nice convenient life.  Sometimes we must bend to fit in with nature.


14 thoughts on “Oh! I love it.

  1. How absolutely iconic on so many levels! Nice to see evidence of a true passionfruit aficionado. In Ontario my daughter pays $8 Canadian dollars for each passionfruit, now on weight alone as an export resource these fruit are more valuable than iron ore. How much growing area do you have there?

    • Holy Dooley $8.00!!! I have seen them in the shops for $2.50 here but never more than that. They are like lemons, people don’t usually buy them they just wait until someone gives them a bag.

  2. And the fact that they still have a Hills Hoist despite the trend to designify outdoor living spaces. Our Hills Hoist, despite being crooked and mended is the centrepiece of our backyard ☺

  3. Great photo. I have a wisteria clambering over my Hill’s which hasn’t left any room for the smallest of smalls even……

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