Soap and other things …..

Hello, everyone.  I had been holding off doing another soapy post until I made one more batch.  It is one that I have been looking forward to making for ages.  But, alas, I have run out of time to make any more soap before we head back to Perth and I go on my big holiday.  For those who don’t know, I am off to Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia with my friend, Sandra.  Maus didn’t want to come so she is staying home to do all the Spring tasks on the block.  That is my plan, anyway.

My holiday means no more soap until October and, even then, it may be a while as Spring is a busy time here.  There is always so much to do.  We have not been able to do much this last month because it has rained (well, drizzled, at least) all day, every day.  Of course, now that we are packing up to go to Perth, the weather has fined up.  Annoyingly, it is almost always the case.

Here are the last three soaps I made.  The top one is Berries and Yoghurt.  I got the recipe from Anne Watson’s Milk Soapmaking.  Anne tries out all her soap recipes on testers and, of all her soaps, the testers liked this recipe the best.  It is a very simple recipe, with one, not-so-secret ingredient – yoghurt.  This is the second time I have made it.  I loved it so much the first time, I decided to make it again.  I also used my favourite Brambleberry fragrance, Fresh Snow.  And, of course, a yoghurt soap was a perfect base to show off my gorgeous berries.  I am sure it is going to be fab.

These guys are this year’s cupcakes.  I really ummed and ahhed about whether I would make any cupcake soaps this year.  Eventually, I decided to make a pink batch.  Last year, I had pink, orange and milky tops with chocolate bottoms.  The pink ones went first.  Little girls really do like pink.  This year, I made the cupcakes much taller.  My piping still leaves a bit to be desired but they are very pretty and I am sure the little girls will love them.  They are decorated with a pink ball, pink sugar sprinkles and cosmetic glitter. The fragrance is raspberry jam.  If they prove popular, I will make some more.

This is my last effort.  For obvious reasons, I am calling this one The Triffid.  I am not so sure about this guy.  Maus really likes it but it is a bit yellow for me.  Even though it is a bit yellow and not really what I planned, I am not disappointed with it.  It is a really interesting effect and the soap has a gorgeous texture, beautiful and smooth. The fragrance is Moroccan Mint.

If anyone would like to know how I have made any of the soaps, I am happy to let you know.  I just figure that most people reading this blog don’t really want to get bogged down in such details.

This may be the last post until October.  We are off to Perth tomorrow and we are yet to be connected to the Internet – though I do have high hopes.  Then, as I said, I am off on my big adventure.  I told Maus I am not going to buy much but I bet I come back with something new for the kitchen.  When I do, I most certainly will do a show and tell.



12 thoughts on “Soap and other things …..

  1. Wow! You’ve upped the ante with these soaps …. it’s been a while since I’ve been on but am much impressed. Have a stupendous and safe journey through the ME. XX

  2. Safe travels Glenda and sounds like a wonderful trip…of course you will come back with plenty 🙂 As always your handmade soaps are really beautiful.

  3. Incredible looking soaps. After your last post I hauled out my soapmaking stuff and made a batch though it looks decidedly unadventurous next to yours. An interesting choice of destinations for your travels – have a good trip.

    • Thanks Anne. You are so creative in other regards I am sure if you wanted to, you could make gorgeous soaps too. Thanks, I will most certainly try to have a good holiday. I like to experience different things.

  4. Your soaps are too beautiful to use Glenda and I adore them all.
    May I be so rude as to ask why you are going to Iran? My Pete is currently there on business (his second trip ) and it is most unfun. It is extremely political and being a dry country tea isn’t cutting the mustard for him anymore either plus working a 6 day week until ridiculous hours is a bit much. Big brother watching from every angle too, indoors, outdoors. Quite different to what we are used to. Poor man, needs a scotch with all the stress they are causing him. 😦 Anyhoo, I am sure visiting from a non business point of view may be different.
    Have a wonderful journey, I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Hi Mandy. I am going with a friend. I would never have thought of going to Iran but was happy to tag along. I love all Middle Eastern food so when my friend said she was going I decided to go too. Tea won’t cut the mustard with me either but I figure I will cope for a few weeks. I am sure doing business would be much more frustrating than sight seeing. I intend to have a great time. It is great to experience other cultures.

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