I had a bad day today …


It started innocuously enough.  Maus had to go to Manjimup, 40 kilometres away, to pick up our ride-on mower and I was going to make a cake.

As anyone who has a ride-on knows, they have a lot in common with ink jet printers – both send you broke.  In one instance, it is replacement ink cartridges and in the other, ongoing repairs.  The situation has been made worse of late as the only guy in town who seemed to know what he was doing retired, so we were trying out a repair man from the next town.  Maus had arranged to borrow a trailer but, as luck would have it, it wasn’t available.  That meant we had to hire one.

I had spotted this really cool recipe in the book that came with my Vitamix.  I haven’t been reading my cookbooks as much as I used to.  As a result, I haven’t been trying many new recipes which is a bit of a problem when you have a blog.

Yesterday, with this thought in the back of my mind, when I sat down for a coffee, I picked up my Vitamix recipe book – weird choice, I agree.  Maybe I chose the book as I have a soft spot for my Vitamix.  I really love it.  I bought it just because I wanted one.  I really didn’t think I would use it that often but, as it turns out, it is used on a very regular basis – nearly every day.  I should do a post on it, but not today. Today is all about my cake – Avocado Bread


One thing we can say in its favour – it rose well.  Look at the monster!  The picture in the book looked like any other cake – not like a green slime monster.

I chose the recipe on the same basis as I choose most recipes.  I have avocados galore and it used 6 egg whites.  Followers of this blog know about my incessant egg white collection in the freezer.   Another reason why the cake appealed is, as a general rule, I like cakes that include a vegetable as an ingredient: carrot cake, zucchini cake and even beetroot cake.  But let me make it clear, I won’t be adding avocado cake to that list.


Let me just say,  it didn’t rise evenly.

I was not too perturbed by the cake’s funny look.  OK, I had planned to do a post and, clearly, it was not going to be post-worthy but, more importantly (well, nearly as important), is food on the table and Maus and I can handle not-so-pretty cake.

But then I cut it …  It was all green and gooey inside and got more gooey and dense towards the bottom.  Being an optimist, I was still not deterred.  “Raw cake is not so bad”, I thought.  I took a big mouthful.  It was bad, very bad.  I should have taken a photo but I think I was in shock.  It was gross.  The funny thing is, I checked the cake several times.  The skewer came out clean before I took it out of the oven.

At this stage, Maus came home with the newly repaired mower.  I offered her a piece of cake but she gave it one look and asked whether she could just eat the crispy outside bits.  Normally, I would have given her a lecture about being fussy and how we shouldn’t waste the world’s resources and how we should be frugal but, to be honest, I was so surprised she was willing to give it a go, I let her slice a bit off the side.  Sadly,   in my heart of hearts, I knew she wouldn’t get far with her slice.

What now?p1000567copy

Celia from Fig Fam and Lime Cordial often gives tips on how to be frugal.  She dries out left over bits of bread and cake and makes other things with it so I decided I would dry out my cake.   Well, this is how my cake looked after another one and a half hours in the oven.  The green turned a nice golden colour but the soggy brown bit on the bottom went a dark brown colour.  It still tastes the same, only now it is crunchy and horrid.

Just for contrast, I found this post using exactly the same recipe.  Look how beautiful her cake looks.

The bad day was not over.  After I had cleaned up the mess I made, I did some weeding and then decided to do some mowing.  The mower had been in the repair shop for a week and, with all the rain we have been having, the grass was growing like crazy.  I was not on the bloody thing long when a belt (the very belt that the repair man had just replaced) came off and got mangled to bits.

Oh, well.  It was time to sit in front of the fire and have one or two glasses of wine and ponder the meaning of life.


34 thoughts on “I had a bad day today …

  1. Glenda- your post made me laugh. I know what you mean about experiencing a bad day- the good thing is you sleep and next day is a new one. I thought your crust and cake looked more intersting than the link you put- however .. yes too bad about result.. well – i think it made an honest and slightly comic post:)

  2. Oh, Glenda. Speaking as one who has had far more failures than successes when baking, I can truly sympathize. Look on the bright side. You’ve reduced your inventories of both egg whites and avocados. If you’re the type to keep trying something until you get it right, you just might find that you’ve used all of your avocados and egg whites. 🙂

  3. Gee that mower belt failure would have given me the shits! That would be one of my (many) pet hates. I can’t quite wrap my head around avo in a cake, glad we have pioneers like you to test the waters with these challenges. Did you put some fibre in it? Your orange muffins are off to Flinders Island tomorrow! On board flight snack 🙂

  4. Looking at the first photo, I thought you were going to write about Yorkshire Puddings. I’ve discovered that sometimes a cake just isn’t worth trying to save and it’s best to throw it out after the first unwelcome bite, even though it goes against my frugal nature. The worst thing about a culinary failure is that it takes just as much effort to make something disastrous as it is to make the most delicious tasting food.
    We have a selection of mowers, at least one of which is in pieces at any given time.

    • Hi Anne, This one is definitely going in the compost bin. Even after all that time in the oven the pieces are not really crispy- more leathery. I still can’t believe so much could be wrong with it. Mowers, mowers, mowers, what can I say?

  5. Hi Glenda, Funny enough the bad days are the ones we remember the most. We can then look back & laugh but not that funny on the actual day. At least you gave the cake ago . Poor Maus running all around the country side & no lovely cake for her to eat on her return from Manjimup. I guess all part of your country life. Keep smiling.

  6. Allow me to apologise for having a wee giggle at the end, sorry Glenda. I too am thankful for a glass or three of wine after days like this. Today will be a much better day and there is still wine at the end of it, a win win.
    Have a wonderful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  7. As a ‘souffle’ your bread looks fabulous!!!! As bread…eeeh. Looking at the recipe you pointed to, it looks like flaxseed meal was used instead of eggs which may have made all the difference to the texture.

    • Hi Yvonne, not only did it look like a soufflé it tasted a bit like one. Oh dear. You would hope it would have worked as printed. I wonder if anyone tested the recipe.

  8. We love reading about the good, bad and ugly and this blog has it all. I think avo’s are overrated, Ok in a salad or with smoked salmon (cheaper than processed meats) and great in an salsa or guacamole but otherwise, chook food. We need a photo of the recalcitrant ride-on mower; I have aspired to one but still push the 40 year old 2 stroke Victa around. Perhaps that is the wisest thing to do.

    • Hi Robyn, I actually love avocados but not when they are cooked. With carrot cake and zucchini cake you can’t taste the vegetable but you can actually taste cooked avocado (which is not a good thing) with this cake. I just took a photo of the recalcitrant mower. I will upload it tonight. BTW thanks for the compliment.

  9. Ah, but the fire, the glass or two of red – the day ended well – and we have benefited from your experience – thank you:)

  10. “Avocados galore” … how nice is that ? Just to change the perspective of the blog’s tone a little. Given the price of the bloody things – I just look at them longingly – because that’s the world for many!
    It was a full and focussed day, though.
    The pictures look good and your writing is also picturesque!

  11. I’m surprised you stopped at two!! That’s the thing with cake recipes- the good old ones always work, the new ones not necessarily. We are currently eating an ugly flop. And as for ride ons, grass and rain- #!^&&&

    • Hi Francesca, I am over movers. I could have bought two new ones with the money we have spent repairing this one. That cake was a spectacular failure, if I say so myself. Usually you can at least eat them but I don’t like cooked avocado and that is all it tastes of.

  12. Oh Glenda, this made me smile a little (sorry). I have the flu and a bad ear ache, so I’m feeling sorry for myself. Thank you for sharing your non success with the cake… for whatever reason it happened. xx

    • Hi Liz, I am amazed, I have checked the ingredients and I didn’t miss anything. Maybe I blended it too much and it got too much air in it. Also, in retrospect, it looks like it needed some bottom heat.

      • How odd! Thanks for your re-post of the comment this morning. I saw your first one come in too. Not sure why it’s not there anymore.

  13. Sorry you had such a bad day, maybe you will laugh about it much later. A good repair person can be hard to find, hope the one you used will make it right.

    • Hi Cheri, Oh so do I. We have just taken photos of the torn belt. The really annoying thing is, there was nothing wrong with the belt he took off. He said it was loose so decided to replace it. Well this one is certainly loose now.

  14. Oh my, Glenda! That cake looks like a lopsided soufflé failure. It might be horrid (even after the drying out), but it makes a great post. Hope you manage to find a GOOD repair person – they are worth their weight in gold.

    • Hi Debi, It sure does – too much air, I am guessing. I just thought it would be fun to try a cake mixed in a blender. Maybe that was a bad idea. I am not sure why it was gluggy at the bottom, apart from the fact it needed bottom heat but this doesn’t usually happen with cakes cooked in this oven.

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