Soap for sale


Hello, everyone.

I have added a new menu item, underneath my banner, entitled Soap for Sale.  This is just to let people who are interested know what soap I have available.

This blog is not about me flogging my soap to readers.  Therefore, don’t worry, I won’t be doing the hard sell but …  In case you are interested, you can find my soap under this item.

love Glenda


15 thoughts on “Soap for sale

  1. Glenda- sorry this is not related to this post but to comment you left on mine:)
    Just wondering why and what happened to yr vinegar making process-
    Btw I am not too sure either if mine is proper vinegar/ I just know a mother was definitely formed and it smelt v strong- so after a month outside I have refrigerated it now. Looking frd to finding out from u.. Why it did not work xxx

    • Hi Lara, It really does seem like yours was more successful than mine.
      The last line in my post was “I will either have lots and lots of vinegar or nothing at all to show for my efforts” Well, I had nothing to show for my efforts. If a mother formed then you should have vinegar. I have no idea why mine didn’t. It ended up tasting like shit weak wine. In the end I threw the whole lot out. I now only make vinegar with very expensive apple cider. Maybe I should try again but on a much smaller scale. I am a little wiser now. You should keep your mother and make some more. It really is fun. And home made vinegar is supposed to be very good for you.

  2. Your soap room is delightful, so wonderful to sniff and see all the lovely soaps. We love ours, currently they are fragrancing the van, and will be beautiful to use when we get home 🏵

  3. Your soaps are beautiful works of art. I know they must smell glorious too. I know you will sell lots in your stalls. I am in North Carolina, USA, but I loved looking at them & smelling antique rose, lavendar & passion fruit in my mind’s nose! Judith

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