And then there were none …


I can hardly bear to write this but I must.  Our darling boy, Jules, passed away last night.

If ever a dog stole a heart, that boy stole mine.  He was gorgeous in every way.


Our little family of Bichons is no more.


28 thoughts on “And then there were none …

  1. Dear glenda and maureen ,, i am so sorry to hear of your loss . Your dogs had the best care and more love than most people experence . Thinking of you both cheers merle tullett

  2. I’m so sorry Glenda. I remember when you first brought your boys home.
    Much love to you and Maureen.
    Fabienne xxx

  3. Hi Glenda and Maureen,

    So sorry to hear your news.

    We arrived “home” late last night. Let us know if you are up for a coffee some time.

    Sue and Matthew

    • Hi Ella, It is hard to believe. He was fine when you left and then a few hours later – terminally ill. I guess I can be comforted by the fact that he was not in discomfort for long.

  4. Our love and thoughts are with you both, no one could have given those 3 little babies a better life than you and Maureen. You loved them with all your heart and soul, and sacrificed a lot to maintain their quality of life. They were such characters and we will miss them very much.
    We were so glad to have seen Jules before he died and that we were there to help support you and Maureen at this difficult time. Stay strong, your family and friends are here for you. xxxx

  5. Take care of each other Glenda and Maureen at this very sad time. It is so hard to believe that you have now lost Jules. All your dear doggies now together and one thing is for sure they had the best life ever with you both. Thinking of you both lots.
    Love n hugs
    Jenny and Maus

  6. Oh Glenda & Maus, what an awful state of affairs to have lost both. Feeling for you, giving you a cyber hug (if you don’t mind hugs!). Nothing worse than grief and loss. M

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