When did I get old?


I used to be young.

People say, “You are only as old as you feel.”  Well, I feel old.

Maus and I have finished the winter pruning and it’s time to celebrate or, it would be, if not for the fact that all the Spring jobs loom large.  We have to start mowing and weeding and rake the bottom acre before the fire season.  We have to fertilise everything and spray the roses and the grapevines and prune the passionfruit and get the vegie patch ready.  Oh, me!   Oh, my!


This year, it took us three months to do the pruning.  Now, that is not, literally, true.  We didn’t work all day every day.  In fact, out of respect for the tendon in my ring finger, my wrist, my shoulder, my neck, my back …ok, you get the picture, I only pruned for one hour each day.


In the good old days, when I wasn’t old, we would prune the grapevines one weekend and the Perth roses in another.  I would then take a week off work and prune the Bridgetown roses.  One week!!!  Those were the days.


But, at last, it is done and we are heading back to Perth for a good rest…and a bit of gardening.  After not being there for almost a month, I bet the garden needs a lot of tender loving care.

Yesterday, I took my camera and my tripod out to take some photos of our efforts.  I felt very chuffed.  I had already decided on a post.  I knew exactly the shots I wanted.  And then,  I bloody fell over.  Don’t worry, I am fine.  I only have a jarred wrist and a few grazes on my knee to show –  but my lovely camera and my lovely tripod are dead.  Dead, dead, dead 😦

I must admit, I shed a tear for them and drank two very strong Pernods.  I loved that camera.  I know that since I bought it, digital cameras have gone ahead in leaps and bounds but it was all I needed.  And I understood it.  And the tripod was BM (Before Maureen).  That tripod was nearly 40 years old!  I bought it when I bought my Olympus OM 2.  Sob, sob.

Cameras are so complex these days and there are so many from which to choose 😦      I hate shopping.  And I am a late adapter.  I don’t want the latest and greatest.  It took me weeks of reading the manual of my old camera to work out how to use it and now I have to familiarise myself with a new one.  Sob, sob.


But every cloud has a silver lining.  I spent the whole of last night reading, on-line reviews of cameras in the class I want and, finally, made a decision.  I have contacted a camera shop in Perth and they are getting the camera in for me.  The very nice man also told me they have lots of tripods I can choose.

I asked him about the manual for my camera of choice.  He told me that it does not come with a manual.  Everything I need to know is on the camera (he wasn’t joking) but if I did want a manual, I could download a copy.  Which I did.  The Basic Owner’s Manual is 104 pages and the Owner’s Manual for Advanced Features is 332 pages!  I will have to read them on screen because my old printer would still be printing in a week’s time if I tried to print 436 pages.  And I would be broke after buying all the needed ‘genuine Epson ink cartridges’  to print that many pages.

Consequently, these photos were taken with my phone.  The lovely man at the camera shop said he would transfer the photos from my old camera onto a flash drive, so all is not lost.  Soon, I will have a camera that will do more than I could ever imagine a camera could do.  In a macabre sort of way,  I am looking forward to it .  Wish me luck.


33 thoughts on “When did I get old?

  1. Glenda- glad to hear you are better. I have not been commenting much on bogs but back now.. I love how you spend a lot of time outdoors close to nature,,, and I saw an arial view of your place on another post that looked stunning… Hope things are better now,xx

  2. You better watch yourself “Old Girl” I thought I was the only one throwing myself on the ground all the time. You were obviously meant to get a new camera Glenda can’t wait to see it. Rest up now!!

  3. It’s not harder for older me to be wiser than my younger “if you can’t be a good example self be a dire warning” self 😉 PS We’re heading south, Geraldton tomorrow and maybe Saturday but picking up the pace a little as the weather south -as you would well know- isn’t looking kind for travel. If you want to catch up, email me via my gmail address (which is linked to the back end of my comments)

  4. I’m pleased you found a silver lining, and the fall didn’t injure you. I may not get as much done in a day as I once did but I believe it’s because I’m wiser. I used to waste a lot of good life doing more than necessary. But a fall would slow me down too much so I’m careful. Balance comes with wisdom and wisdom is the boon of attaining later years.

  5. Truly sorry to hear of your fall, Glenda, and thankful that you weren’t hurt worse than you’ve stated.You’re prepping your gardens and soon we’ll be tearing ours down …
    I know how you felt when you saw that your camera was gone. I felt that way when I fell in Bologna and smashed mine. Believe it or not, it was the ONLY time I went out with my camera and left its case behind. My, but The Fates are a patient lot.

  6. Glad you are bouncing back from your fall. I hate it that when we do things that anyone at any age could do and it is all of a sudden put in the ‘it’s because your aging’ basket. I bet your new tripod is a 1000 times lighter than your old faithful, can you turn that old one into a bird feeder stand or something in the garden?

    • Maree, I was sorta joking but it does give me the willies. We have to get a bloke in to clean the gutters as I don’t want Maus on the roof and I am not getting up there. How sad is that?

  7. So sorry about your fall and the destruction of your beloved camera and tripod. Hopefully you will learn to love the new one and perhaps you won’t need to read all those pages of instructions.

  8. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about the fall, Glenda. I guess it’s better that the camera and tripod were damaged, rather than you! I fell recently, twice, so know how you feel. Yes, I, too feel old sometimes. Take care xx

    • Dear me Liz, I worry about falling as it is what old people do, though I do have an excuse. I wasn’t watching where I was walking and kicked a rose sign. I am usually so careful. I think I was preoccupied with taking photos.

  9. So sorry about your camera- not to mention the fact that we are getting old…you need to take calcium Glenda as I also have a sore neck and x ray showed degeneration of spine….I am turning into my Mum, but I did just eat healthy porridge and blueberries to try to keep my brain and my cholesterol reasonable,hope you feel better soon. Alyson

  10. I find the work so daunting on our ( 20 acre) block that at times I am tempted to move to the city but then I am reminded by my daughter that I would go mad if I couldn’t see the horizon, so I stay and the old bones hurt and we work too much, just like you and Maus, pruning, raking leaves, mulching, composting…. on and on it goes. It is worth it. And your new camera will be so good- just press that menu button and all will be revealed.

    • Hi Francesca, the work goes on (big sigh). I wouldn’t change it for the world but everything just takes so much longer than it used to. I am already looking forward to the new camera. The shop rang me today and it is in. They can move when it means a sale. 🙂

  11. Those were the days…. never a truer word spoken. I too am a late adapter. I received an iphone from work 5 years ago and am still using it though now it is time for me to buy me own. I won’t be rushing out for the newest model. My camera is also on it’s last legs and after many services, we have decided to buy a new one but it just TOO HARD! We all hear you Glenda ; )

    • Hi Fi, the online reviews are good. I found a site that guided you to the type of camera you needed for what you did and then listed the best 10 cameras in that category. I can remember when a friend came to visit who is significantly younger than me and she couldn’t believe I had a TV with a turn knob. She had never seen one 😦 I have since upgraded.

  12. I hear you! I ,reluctantly @ first,have adopted my other half’s old IPhone..had to be dragged kicking &screaming into the IPhone zone but now i know it’s quite handy to be able to upload photos to the net etc..Still feel no need for a new..er fang dangled one though.Hope you & Maus are well,long time no see,maybe in the spring we could catch up for a cuppa.:)Trish

  13. Some days are worse than others Glenda, glad that all you broke in the fall is replaceable, it could have been much worse. A few weeks ago I commented that my balcony garden seemed inadequate in comparison to your Ponderosa, now it seems just right! I found the best way to get to know your camera is to take lots of pics using the different settings. The beauty of digtal is it costs nothing to do that. See for yourself. I have a complex DSLR and I’ve found it makes the best decisions. Auto has become my most used setting

    • Hi Sandra, yeah I will play but I know it will take a lot of time to become familiar with it. The work is all worth it but as I mentioned to Francesca, everything takes so much longer these days.

  14. Gosh I would cry and drink Pernod too if my camera fell and broke. Once you get to grips with your new camera you will be well chuffed. I had that with my camera too… no manual!! Your problem is not getting old, you have a huge garden.

  15. Annoying as it is to break your camera, I suspect that you will embrace the new one with gusto and will soon be trying out all sorts of wonderful shots. Good Luck. Playing witht the camera will certainly be more fun than all that pruning; I was so pleased when we gave up growing raspberries commercially as I hated the weeks of winter pruning.

    I haven’t touched Pernod since an unfortunate incident in 1976.

    • Anne, I am so curious about that unfortunate incident. It sounds a lot like the ones I had with Green Ginger Wine – Urrh. I am glad I am not a poor uni student again I don’t think my constitution could cope. To be honest, I am already looking forward to the new camera. The old one took great shots but the newer ones are marvelous. The one I bought goes to ISO 25600, It is unbelievable. I have always used ISO 100 like in the old film days. ISO 400 was too grainy for me. With this camera there is no grain whatsoever up to ISO 800. I can’t believe it. My old brain has to have a recharge.

  16. Oh no Glenda! I’m so pleased you are okay but bladdy hell, your camera and tripod! I too am slow on the uptake with all things modern. I am sure you will love your new camera once you are used to it.
    Think all the pruning in our garden could be tackled in a morning. Clearly ours is a little smaller than yours. 😉
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  17. Oh Glenda, I am so sorry about your camera and tripod. I know what it is like to feel comfortable with a tried and true machine and then have it die on you. Many new things are so complicated now and instructions often seem to be in (counterintuitive) icons – like those instruction sheets from IKEA – or steeped in complicated jargon. I hope you get on with the new camera, but don’t give up on your phone camera. I’ve been revelling in my iPhone camera and numerous apps and add-ons available. And, iPhone Photography School blog is very helpful. I don’t feel old as long as I am learning something new.

    • Hi Debi, I will be learning lots of new things when the new camera arrives. My IPhone is old so it doesn’t have a good camera and to be honest, I am not up with all the apps. I am beginning to feel like a dinosaur. I am a little bit excited though. These new cameras can do marvelous things.

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