Everything comes to those who wait …


except the time lost whilst waiting.

I read somewhere, years ago, that that phrase was the legitimate ending to the oft quoted expression.  It stuck in my mind as it gives me justification for my perpetual impatience.  You see, I have spent 36 years waiting for Maus.

I am a ‘now’ person.  ‘Let’s do it now!’

Maus is a self-confessed ‘gunna’.  ‘I am gunna do it soon.’

‘and never the twain shall meet.’

For years, I have wanted a street sign for our block.  You can’t see the house, nor block for that matter, from the street so, unless you give quite detailed instructions, people (particularly unenthusiastic trades people) get lost.  Over time, I have come to describe our place as ‘the one without a sign’.  Everyone else in the street has a sign. 😦

Of course, I turned to Maus (the woodworking genius) for my sign.

After an inordinate amount of planning and time, she started it.  And then it sat … and then she did a bit more … and then it sat … and then she did a bit more … and then it sat … and then she did a bit more … and then it sat … and then, just after she had made the ‘Lot 12’ part, we got a street number.  I implored her not to be deterred. ‘We can replace the lot number with the street number, later,’ I beseeched.  And so it sat.

Then, the sign was nearly ready.  We got Pierre, the French chef, to dig a hole and concrete a post (from our old verandah in Perth) in position, where it stood for a year or so.  Then Maus did a bit more … and then it sat … and then one day she said ‘The sign is, virtually, ready.  I am not sure about it. I might need to cut a bit off the top length’.  To which I replied, ‘Let’s just hang it up and see’.  (I tell you folks, that sign ain’t coming down, again, any time soon).  And here it is!  It is wonderful!  Thanks, Maus!!!!  Luv ya!!!!

I am so happy – for two reasons. Firstly, I love the sign and, secondly, now I can start nagging Maus to move on to another project I have on her list. 🙂

BTW: Check out the windcheater Maus is wearing.  That was my windcheater.  (Yep, I used to be that thin.)  I bought it on the Canary Islands in 1982.  It has the emblem for the Universidad De La Laguna, Tenerife on the top left corner.  I love the fact that it is still being worn.


Finishing touches


29 thoughts on “Everything comes to those who wait …

  1. Glenda and Maureen have been reading all about your lovely home and your great togethness. The plcture from the air of the property is great. Best wishes.

  2. It was worth waiting for though! It’s glorious. I’m afraid I live with a gunna, shoulda, woulda but he works 12 hour days so I can’t grumble too much. Drives me bonkers though I have to admit.

  3. I love it – “Up Battleaxe” sounds like a rallying cry. The sign speaks of house and home – it’s lovely.

    • Thanks Jan. It will probably 5 years before I get the street number up. Oh well, I am getting a little more patient as I get older.

  4. Maybe Maus could come and visit when she has finished all of your projects to help me out with the ones my Pete never gets around to doing for me – to be fair he is away 3 our of 4 weeks but still…
    Love the sign!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. To me, the photo of the sign looks like a cover of a novel, like there’s a story behind it, not just the story of the sign, which you’ve told beautifully, but the story of the people & place… like one of those great tales of the couple who moved to the country and…

  6. I love that sign and love the color! Maus did a beautiful job so it was worth the wait. At least Maus knows how to do things and gets them done. My husband’s mantra is “I’ll take a look at it”. He does but that’s where it usually ends.

    And now we know where to find you!

  7. Maybe Maus is like my husband, whose mantra seems to be “always leave one thing on the list undone so Anne doesn’t make a new list”
    The sign looks great. Another triumph for Maus.

  8. Well done to all. Blessed are the signmakers. Being a ‘now’ person also, I can understand the sense of accomplishment. I did laugh as at first I thought the sign said ‘Up the Battleaxe’ and thought it was some type of rallying cry!

  9. You can’t rush perfection Glenda all in good time. I am like you “I want it now” so I might add I probably would have nagged her more than you, but then again I am a scorpio!! Great job Maus keep up the good work – hmmmm what can you make me!! xx

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