Goodbye to our top dog, Lily


I can hardly believe I am writing this so soon after losing Maggie but … it is true.  Less than a fortnight later, the boss of the household, and the brains of the family, passed away.  Maybe living in this world without her sister was too much to bear.  Who knows?  Lily never let Maggie out of her sight for one moment.  They were the Siamese twins – joined at the hip.

Goodbye, darling Lily.  We love you so.

Poor Jules who has watched over these girls all his life (notwithstanding they never did care for him) now has no-one to watch out for.  Luckily, he has us to watch out for him.



23 thoughts on “Goodbye to our top dog, Lily

  1. Your little man Jules is top dog now, but what a bitter sweet journey. He will miss them more than they would have missed him unfortunately, but he has you two and your undivided attention. It is his time now!! I’m still struggling to believe the girls have gone they have always been such a little pack of fun and laughter. Lots of love & kisses to you both and Jules xx

  2. It’s such a painful thing to lose even one dog, let alone two. I’m so sorry. It really is like grieving for people. Take care of yourselves.

  3. Hi glenda and maureen , sorry to hear of your loss,they had a wonderful life ,many humans dont have it so good . It will be quiet in your house without them cheers merle

  4. Oh Glenda & Maureen just can’t believe this is true. So glad we caught up with darling Lily when we did. All dogs are such a perfect & precious gift from God. They stay in our hearts forever.
    Thinking of you both & darling Jules.

  5. This is extremely sad news Glenda & Maureen. We are thinking of you at this difficult time. Love, Faye & Anna.

  6. Beautiful photos, and sentiments. I’m so sorry for your losses. The small furry-ones take up such big places in our hearts. They are ours and their families, and feel what we feel. In their absence it’s never quite the same, even years later but the memories are good ones, and in these they live on.

  7. Oh this is just awful news, so hard to believe that Lily has passed away. We know the pain you will be feeling Glenda and Maureen, but do hope that knowing we care and are thinking of you both and Jules lots, helps to ease the pain a little.
    Take care and lots of love
    Jenny & Maus

  8. Oh Glenda & Maus, you must be hurting so much. Grief is a heavy load to bear and your dear little Lily must have had too much of a load. Feeling very heavy hearted for you.

  9. Oh my gosh Aunty Glen!!!! Your hearts must be breaking. I’m so sorry. Sending you both lots of love. X

  10. Oh Glenda, I am so sorry to hear this, I am crying for you as I write. It is always so hard to lose one of our darling four legged friends, let alone two in such quick succession. Please know that I feel for you and your loss and am thinking of you and sending you the kindest of thoughts in your time of sadness. xx

  11. Oh Aunty Glen & Maureen, I am so sorry to hear of your double loss. You must be heartbroken. Take care and I hope Jules is ok without the girls to look after him xx

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