Has the latest craze got you?


It started innocently enough.

Once a year, at Christmas time, I catch up with my old school chums, Alyson and Jane.  We invariably exchange small gifts.  This year, Alyson gave me Animorphia (an Extreme Colouring and Search Challenge) by Kerby Rosaines.  When I opened the book, Alyson explained that colouring books were all the rage.  I wasn’t oblivious to the colouring book phenomenon.  Maus’ niece, Sharmila, had mentioned several months ago that she had one with Indian designs and loved it so much, she had bought one for her brother and dad.  The conversation had piqued my interest, but nothing more.


Then, on Christmas day, I opened up a small parcel from Maggie, one of my darling Bichons, and in it were 24 coloured pencils to, as Maus explained, ‘colour in the book Aly gave you.’  I was doomed.

I still was only mildly interested but one night, whilst watching TV (television does not hold my interest), I got those pencils out.  I started off colouring the pineapple and then the teddy bear (can you spot them?).  To begin with, I found it a little stressful staying within the lines.  My eyesight is definitely not what it used to be but, after adjusting the light, I got better at it.



It wasn’t long before 24 pencils just wasn’t doing it for me.  I needed more variation in colour so I started combining two colours to get the shade I wanted.  Before much longer, I needed even more colours so Maus went out and bought me 48 new pencils.  Now I was cooking with gas!

I finished the rhinoceros in only a few evenings so I started on the wolf.  At first, I didn’t like the animal head part, but now l like the shading challenge.


Then today, Maus and I were on-line checking out different titles and oohing and arrhing over the designs. Another book is on the horizon.

Ok, I am a person who gets bored very quickly, therefore, just as quickly as this started, it is sure to end but if you have considered buying one of the new mindfulness colouring books, go ahead.  It is fun, it is relaxing, it is addictive and it is a great time waster.  The promotions say the books are stress relief for the busy.  I doubt the busy have that many hours to waste but if you are not so busy and have time in your life to stop and reflect, you may just enjoy it.

No skills are required – only lots of coloured pencils.


20 thoughts on “Has the latest craze got you?

  1. Wonderful news…You realise I never could bring myself to get one for myself as I was too cheap but gave them to you and my daughters – I have seen Heather do a little bit…

  2. I know the whole thing about colouring is to take your mind of things and de-stress but I don’t have time! Your colouring is beautiful though and I particularly like the shading so well done. A gold star.

  3. Hi Glenda, I have seen these coloring books and they look really cool, could do with a bit of mindfulness these days. I guess once you start it’s hard to stop 🙂

  4. I have 2, one given to me from Sasha my daughter along with some colouring in pencils. Each time she came over the books were still sitting on the chair and she would say haven’t you started yet!!! The other book was free with a voucher through The West Australian Newspaper. I have started but the key to it is to make the time. I would often sit down with my grandchildren and colour in and I think this is where the phenomenon has came from, the grandies love it.
    You are really getting it to it Glenda!!!

  5. I almost got one for my daughter for Christmas but the one I was looking at was a little expensive ($30 for a small book and 12 pencils). I was going to look around for a different be but never got to it. I see this as a GREAT way to spend the time when your on the phone holding for so-called customer services.

    Hmmm, I’m thinking of all kinds of places and times you could do this. How about while waiting for a doctor’s appointment? They could even supply them instead of the 4 year old magazines they keep in their waiting rooms.

  6. Hi Glenda, what a great post! I have seen the books and was almost tempted to buy one for my 30 year old daughter for xmas… but then changed my mind. I do love the concept though… and I adore coloured pencils! I’ve been thinking of buying myself a good set… the type that I coveted as a child! xx

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