Merry Christmas, everyone


Merry Christmas, everyone.  I hope you all have a great festive season with friends and family.

I am sorry it has been short on posts for the last fortnight but both Maus and I have been hit with a bug that is going around Perth.  It is a strange time of the year to get a bug but, there you go.  The main symptom, apart from the normal aches and pains, is feeling extraordinarily exhausted all the time.  I am feeling better now but dear old Maus is still poorly.  She is having a rest right now.  I hope she feels a bit better tomorrow.

Also, as is usual this time of the year, we have been busy visiting and entertaining.  This has entailed a lot of cooking.  It’s been mostly simple fare and old favourites this year as when you are not well you don’t need the added stress of new or complicated recipes.

Amazingly, because of the above, I have barely put the computer on in the last fortnight.  I have been reading everyone’s posts but on my phone so haven’t been leaving any comments.  I will remedy this in the new year.

At least, we are all prepared for tomorrow: the turkey is thawing, the stuffing and cranberry sauce made, the dessert all prepared and vegetables picked.  And I am off to make some shortbread now.  It should be a nice day –  not too hot.

We have been listening to Christmas carols and songs for two days now.  It gets us in the mood.  All I can say is we have an odd assortment of Christmas music, some good but mostly bad.  If I hear “I’ll be home for Christmas” one more time, I will expire.  I think it is on every Christmas CD we own and … I hate it. My favourite this year is Santa has been drinking lemonade all night by Ali McGregor.  It is such fun. It is on her CD, A Very Jazzamatazz Christmas.  I spotted it in JBHiFi the other day.

004copyIn the last fortnight, we have also had the excitement of an old apricot tree falling over and nearly engulfing our Perth house (this photo was taken from the back door).  Luckily, all was well, with minimal damage.


Thank you for stopping by my blog during the year.  I really appreciate it.  Lots of love and kisses.


25 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, everyone

  1. Hope you’ve both come out the other side lf Christmas feeling better. I love Christmas carols, the tradition is they’re played Christmas Eve during food prep and Christmas Day and sung along with badly…

    • Hi Ella, I played them all day on the 23rd, 24th and 25th. It was a grand effort, I tell you. Hope you had a great day, we did. I am feeling much better now and Maus is on the mend.

  2. Sorry to read that you both have been unwell and hope that the worse is behind you, Glenda. Best to get it out of the way now, so , that 2016 will be the healthiest of years for you. That’s my wish. 🙂

  3. Hi Glenda and Maus, despite feeling poorly hope you both had a wonderful Christmas Day. I too have been away from the computer and have been short on posts. It’s always lovely visiting your blog and reading your posts. So glad the tree missed your house and I am sure you were sad to see it fall. Take care and enjoy the festive season. xx

  4. Merry Christmas to you both Glenda, and hope that you are feeling better. Also, best wishes for 2016. We always enjoy reading your blog, and one day, if we visit Perth, hubby and I would love to meet you. Alternatively, if you visit Sydney, same.

  5. Nothing worse than having to soldier on when you don’t feel well. Be as gentle on yourselves as you can be and enjoy the Christmas festivities. I thought Morrie2 had put ‘I’ll be home for Xmas clip up to annoy you but I watched it and I got the wrong end of the stick (not unusual!). Cheers, hope you are both back to bouncing around very quickly. Maree

  6. Hi to you both. Sorry to hear that you’re both not 100per cent. Hope you have an enjoyable Christmas Day. Will send a longer email later in week. Your parcel arrived on Tuesday.thanks. Love to you both xx give your babies a cuddle from me xxx.

  7. Hi Glenda sorry to hear that Maus is still not 100%. Buy some Women’s Multi Vitamin & Mineral Tablets & take them for a month. Whenever I have had a sickness that’s what I do & it helped me to get back on track. (By the way No Charge for this advice) !!!!
    Hope you have a great Christmas Day & a bloody fantastic New Year. xx

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