Barbra Streisand


Don’t let these pretty photographs fool you.   I have had this rose for about five years and this is the first Barbra Streisand flower I have seen.

Phew…  I am glad I got that off my chest.

All the literature refers to Barbra as a robust rose with deep glossy leaves.  Well, mine is small and sickly and is lucky to have any leaves at all, let alone deep glossy ones.   The literature does also say, if belatedly, that Barbra Steisand does best in mild climates, when her blooms have better colour and size.  That may be why I found this lone flower in early Spring.  I have even read that Barbra Streisand is a  prolific bloomer.  Maybe, but not in the South West of Western Australia.

If you are lucky enough to have abundant blooms then you will know that they are a gorgeous, rich, lavender colour and have a lovely formal shape with a divine fragrance.   Clearly, the rose was named after the singer who, reportedly, wanted an attractive coloured rose and, most importantly, a fragrant rose.

Another attribute I did notice about this rose, whilst I was photographing it, was it lasted remarkably well in the vase.

Barbra Streisand is the grand child of Angel Face – you can definitely see the resemblance.

Barbra Streisand was bred by Carruth and released in 2001.  It was released in Australia in 2003.  Barbra Streisand is a Hybrid Tea rose.



13 thoughts on “Barbra Streisand

  1. What a stunning rose and am guessing that the smell is heavenly. We used to have an Angel Face but that didn’t last long in this heat.

  2. I had a Streisand. In fact, I’ve had a few of them. I finally gave up. Our winters are just too severe. It was a beauty, though, when in bloom. Just like yours here.

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