In My Kitchen – November 2015

270copyI am late with my “In My Kitchen” post this month and it is for good reason.  The first of November came and went and, to be honest, there was nothing new, or even remotely interesting, in my kitchen.  I was in Perth and our Perth kitchen has been pared down to the bare minimum.  To make matters worse, I could not even show you some produce from my vegie patch.

All that changed when I arrived in Bridgetown. 😀

Firstly, as you can see, there are two strawberries, in my Bridgetown kitchen.

I am aware that Bizzy Lizzy has a big bowl of home grown strawberries in her kitchen but compared to what was on offer (see below) on November 1st, two strawberries are very exciting.  They are the first strawberries I have ever grown and, they say, “from small things big things grow”.

I must admit, my two strawberries have been strategically placed so you can’t see where the local millipedes have had a bite or two.


Also, in my kitchen…

Is a brown onion.  It is the first of many, I hope.  None of the others have fallen over but this one had, so I decided to pick it.


Also in my kitchen…

Is a very steady supply of asparagus.  Two months ago, I did forewarn you that, by this time, I may be sick of asparagus.  Well… I like asparagus, but a little goes a long way.  I also have quite a few beetroot in the fridge and have a ready supply of avocados.  I am not sure what I am going to do with the beetroot.  We have had baked beetroot and I have made beetroot and chocolate muffins.  Maybe, I will use some in a salad.  Hopefully, we will have a bit more variety from the vegie patch soon.

244copyNow I will show you the produce I had to showcase on 1 November…

There is not much produce to be had in my Perth garden but there are curry leaves from my curry tree (Murraya koenigii).  The curry tree is a tropical to sub-tropical tree but does ok in Perth.  It is growing under my Cocos Palms.  Its leaves are used in many Indian and Sri Lankan dishes.


On 1 November, there were kaffir lime leaves in my kitchen from my small potted kaffir lime tree.  There were also cardamom leaves but I am not sure whether you can eat them so I decided to quit whilst I was ahead.  See, now you can understand why I delayed my post and why two millipede-eaten strawberries are so exciting.


In my kitchen:

Is a pot stand.  It has been in our kitchen for, at least, 30 years. It sits next door to my stove.  It was made by the father of my old mate, Jann.  Jann’s dad is no longer with us but his pot stand is.  That’s what is so wonderful about making things.  When you are long gone, your handiwork will still be around, used and loved by someone.


In my kitchen:

Is a tray Maus made.  I think it is one of the first things she ever made.  She made it before she had any power tools – the dove tails were all cut by hand.  This tray is in Bridgetown and we use it almost every day.

IMG_3744copyIn my kitchen:

Is Maus’ Gran’s sugar bowl.  This sugar bowl demonstrates how different Maus and I are.  If it was my grandmother’s sugar bowl, it would be sitting in the back of the cupboard, unloved and tarnished but Maus regularly polishes her bowl and it gets used regularly.


Whilst on the subject of trays, which we were …

In my kitchen:

Is a tray made from Tasmanian Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum).  Tasmanian Sassafras is found in Tasmania’s native forests, where it is one of the dominant species. It, generally, grows in well-drained rainforests in cool damp conditions.  I bought this tray when I was in Tasmania visiting Jann (whose dad made the pot stand) years ago.


In my kitchen is:

Another tray.  This one is decorated with decoupage.  Maus has been collecting wine and beer labels for thirty years now and was going to get into decoupage one day. I bought her the tray because I loved it and thought it would show her just what she could do with decoupage.  Alas, the wine and beer labels are still in boxes somewhere but the tray is well loved and well used.

If you would like to see what is in other bloggers’ kitchens this month, visit Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Celia hosts In My Kitchen each month.


35 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – November 2015

  1. Glenda, what a stunning tray. I just love Tassie Sassafras. I have a hall table complete with a soft close drawer, made entirely of Sassafras. A little extravagant I know, but its such a stunning wood. Loving all of your wonderful produce too. Cheers, Kirsty

  2. Glenda, please tell Maus what a STUNNING tray that is… I had one similar to it (an English Butler’s tray with “fold out” legs) that I miss very much. Woodworking like that is an ART — as are your pot stand and Tasmanian tray and decoupage wonder. Superb craftsmanship! I’m also admiring your fresh produce (never mind the millipedes!) — kudos for “photographic placement.” 🙂 I’m certain your strawberries tasted as good as they looked, and don’t get me started on asparagus. 🙂 xo

  3. Hi Glenda, Just getting back to some blogging 🙂 You are an amazing gardner and grow some fabulous produce. Kaffir and curry leaves, wonderful. Love the sugar bowl belonging to Maus and glad it’s not sitting at the back of a cupboard. Clever Maus making you a tray… did she every finish that cookbook stand for you?

    • Hi Moya, I am afraid not. She does tend to have several projects on at once. I told her she had to bring it up from the back burner and finish it for my birthday.

  4. What a pretty sugar bowl and nice to know that it actually gets used. The Tasmanian tray is also gorgeous. The best is the tray with handmade dovetails, excellent craftsmanship.

  5. Love that tassy tray Glenda they have beautiful timbers in Tasmania. Maus is very clever with her woodwork glad to see she is slowly increasing her timber work.

  6. I’ll now remember to refer to my rescued lime as a makrut… I had no idea, but I love the leaves in a stir fry. Your trays are lovely, and useful. We use trays a lot, so have [more than] a few. I enjoy seeing the items that have been valued, kept and used over the years. I imagine your strawberries will go the way of the avocados, beetroot and cherry toms… a challenge that I could live with… at least for a while 🙂

    • Hi Ella, I am sure you will have a vegie garden soon and be complaining about gluts or famines. The millipedes keep eating my strawberries. I really like having handmade things around me.

  7. I have two trays. One is a cheapie and one was made by my brother – quite possibly the only thing he has ever made. They are doing very good service at the moment, shuttling things up and downstairs. How lucky to be able to pluck a curry leaf from the tree when you need too!

  8. Well Glenda, somebody always out there to show you up so I say be proud of your 2 strawberries, worm holes and all! Some day we’ll be reading dozens of great ideas here on what to do with too many strawberries. You seemed to do ok with those cherry tomatoes.
    I noticed that Celia just posted a beetroot dip idea that sounded pretty interesting.

    Such great handmade treasures though. The pot stand is charming but I’m so impressed with the tray that Maus made! Without power tools yet – quite a beautiful accomplishment.

    And I love that sugar bowl. I’m not sure that I’d keep it as shiny as Maus does but it really is a unique piece to show off.

    • Hiya Diane. I have had more millipede and slater eaten strawberries – they really like them. Yeah, Maus is ok the with wood (and polishing things) 🙂

  9. So many wonderful things in your kitchen as always Glenda but the hand made tray is just beautiful. I also love the sugar bowl, lovely. As for beetroot – how about roasting it in its skin, grating it finely together with some fresh horseradish for a delicious accompaniment to roasted meats or a lively dip? Or beetroot borscht? Or beetroot soup where even the leaves get used? Roasted beetroot with orange and sesame? As you can tell, us Poles, we love our beetroot 🙂

    • Hi Sandra, I love the tray too. It is amazing what you can do with a bit of paper and some glue. I am sure you are right a glut is on its way !!

  10. Always so many wonderful things in your kitchen Glenda but my favourite is definitely the tray Maus made for you.
    Your 2 strawberries will soon be multiplying.
    Have a wonderful day
    🙂 Mandy xo

  11. lovely things here glenda. the trays are just beautiful. i love handmade things- so precious. and great to have some of your own produce no matter how small. i’m afraid if i had that sugar bowl it would languish also:) the pot stand is delightful too. and just as an interesting aside – the other day i read that it is not PC to use the term kaffir limes. isn’t that amazing? i had no idea. (I’m not having a go at you at all) apparently makrut limes is a better term (just a wee FYI there).

  12. I’m rather envious of your curry leaf tree Glenda- I became addicted to these in Kerala and can’t eat enough of them. If only they grew happily in Melbourne. The tassie sassafras tray is a work of art.

    • Francesca, I think Melbourne is just a little too far south for curry leaf trees. That tray sure is beautiful. Clearly, it was a fine craftsman who make it.

  13. So many LOVELY things in your kitchen, Glenda, as always…. only two strawberries? You will have so many before you know it. Thank you for the very kind shout out… I am always envious of your wealth of home grown produce xx

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