Just showing off …


October is the best month for roses and this is the best view of our place so I thought I would combine the two to give you a glimpse of how gorgeous they both look at the moment.

In the foreground is the apricot bed, then the pink bed.  Behind are the grape vines, some olive trees, the photinia hedge and, finally, the house.  On the balcony (in the top photo), is one little Bichon and in the bottom photo, two little Bichons.  I don’t know where the other one was.


Sometimes, dreams do come true.


30 thoughts on “Just showing off …

  1. Well now that was well worth showing off. How spectacular! It must be so relaxing to sit out on the deck and admire it all. You’re going to have to do another post of the bishops because I just can’t find them…is this sort of a “Find Waldo” thing?

  2. Thank you for sharing your dream. It’s beautiful. Only yesterday I commented to another blogger “The blogging world has helped me so much because of the insights it provides into other people’s lives, the journeys they made to where they are now, the satisfaction and enjoyment they derive from continuing simply with that journey.”

  3. Glen, what a pleasure to see all those flowers each day, maybe I could try a few roses out the front garden. I am glad you have your dream.


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