What we’ve been cooking … September (and October) 2015

021copyI know I said I was going to do one of these posts every month but I did forewarn that it may not happen due to a lack of discipline on my behalf.  As I mentioned, I am retired and thriving on the lack of discipline.  In any event, I decided there was no point writing a post about what we’ve been cooking when we haven’t been cooking much.

It is Spring and we are always busy outdoors in Spring.  As I mentioned last year, Spring is all about mowing, preparing for the fire season, renovating the vegie patch, fertilising the roses and the fruit trees, etc.  When the sun bears down in mid-Summer and I refuse to go outdoors, there may be more happening indoors, but not at the moment.

Because of the above, it has taken me two months to accumulate enough to warrant a post.

The first recipe I would like to re-acquaint you with is sourdough scones.  We have been so busy I have even neglected my starters.  The other night when I fed them, I decided to leave them out overnight and give them another feed in the morning to build up their strength.  That left me with quite a bit of sourdough starter to use or throw out.  I decided to combine them (the rye and the wheat) and build them up sufficiently to make some scones.  I assure you this batch was equally as fab as the ones in the picture.  Every time I make this recipe, the scones turn out perfectly.  Scones freeze really well so I like to have a batch in the freezer.

Carol, a reader who makes scones for a canteen, told me she made the recipe.  Instead of letting them sit for one hour, she put them in the fridge overnight and baked them the next day.  Carol also did a control bake.  She advised the refrigerated ones were just as good as the control bake.

002copyRecipe two was our stand-by recipe over winter to use up my abundant snow pea crop – chicken with cashew nuts and snow peas .  At the beginning of the season, I searched my cook books for snow pea recipes and came upon this one.  We liked it so much we had it quite a few times.  Because of the success of the snow pea crop, I am going to grow more next season.  This recipe is definitely going to be a regular.

2013 08 24_0683 copy

Recipe three is beetroot and chocolate muffins.  The incentive (of course) was the pile of beetroot I had in the fridge. The ones I made were even better than the one in the photograph.  Instead of sitting the chocolate on top, I stirred it in (which I think is better), and I used tall muffin wrappers – very elegant!.  Most of these also went into the freezer for a rainy day.

Having just picked the last of the beetroot, I think I will make another batch.  That way, I will have some in both Perth and Bridgetown.

IMG_4795 ginger nuts

A few weeks ago, Maus was desperate for biscuits and gingernuts are her absolute favourite.  As I was not forthcoming, she decided to take matters into her own hands and make some.  She did a fabulous job.  I love them as much as she does so they didn’t last long.  The secret to rock hard gingernuts, I have found, is to leave the biscuits in the oven after they are cooked.  That way, when they cool, they will be tooth-breaking hard, just as they should be.  This is a great recipe.  If you love gingernuts, give it a try.


Finally, there are still plenty of pumpkins under our house so, the other day when the cake tin was bare and time was short, I whizzed up my all-time favourite cake recipe – spicy pumpkin loaf.  I make this guy very regularly.

Happy cooking and baking everyone.



23 thoughts on “What we’ve been cooking … September (and October) 2015

  1. Given all that you have to do outside I’d say you’ve still done a remarkable job in the kitchen. The beetroot and chocolate muffins sound really good. We don’t seem to do much over here with beetroot but I’ve been trying to sneak some recipes past my family and finally gotten my daughter eating (of course she was convinced she didn’t like it since she’d never tried it).

    I don’t have central air so when summer really hits here, I just can’t bring myself to do much of anything in the kitchen. After recovering and catching up on things after the wedding, I was all set to get going back in the kitchen. As you know I had that little issue of bumbling around on crutches with the sprained ankle. Just as I recovered from that and ditched the crutches, I was back in the emergency room getting stitches in my hand and my thumb. Little problem handling scissors trying to open a package and I ended up stabbing myself and cutting the top of my knuckle. At least I wasn’t trying to get around on crutches with just one hand.

  2. if you were to put all my favorite foods in one post, it would be this one. I love your scones!!! Celia has kind me sent me some so awaiting those… once they arrive i ail attempt your recipe…. as for the chicken and snow peas they look s delicious with cashews… on rice yum… chocolate beetroot I have never had but looked like a soft crumb! i also will have to try and make ginger snaps as i love them,,,, Love

  3. Gingernuts are my absolute fave too so I can’t wait to try out that recipe when I have my new ovens. I love these type of chit chat posts. There’s so much happening in the world and it rushes past so quickly so I always like to see what’s happening in the busy or quiet lives of others. As it is, I’m procrastinating becuae I’m writing a similar post myself elbeit with no cooking thsi time around. cheers

    • Hi Fiona, Firstly, retirement is the best thing. As soon as you can afford it, do it. It is great!! The gingernut recipe is a real winner. It is the only one we ever make.

  4. One day I will attain a balance of exercise output with yummy food input… I imagine that how you manage to enjoy these wonderful cakes and bicycles. In the meantime I’ve Pinned them. I was never a ginger or Gingernut fan as a kid but now they’re my favorites. I had a work colleague years ago who was the most marvelous cook but would never share recipes, one of my favourites was a beetroot cake, so I’m keen to try the beetroot and choc muffins.

  5. Made the ginger nuts tonight. VERY impressed!!! A little hard for the toy oven to hold lower temps, (top element keeps kicking in) but pretty good. OMG, do you have any idea how long it would take to turn out a full batch in my toy oven? 20mins in, 30 mins rest – when you can only fit 8 in at a time it’s a bit much. Made enough for the weekend and stuck the ret of the mix in the freezer! Next up, beet & choc muffins I think. 🙂

    • Hi Maree, you will be able to cook as much as you want soon. The beetroot and choc muffins are also great. They look great in the tall wrappers – very posh.

  6. Hi Glenda, I prefer to be working outside in the garden than in the house too. Sounds like you guys have been cooking up some great goodies.

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