More soaping lessons and soaping fun …

040copyAs you can see, I have been at it again.  I really can’t help myself so I don’t even try to refrain.

Both soaps I am showcasing today are about using up soap scraps.  You can make really nice soap using left over bits and pieces.  The top photo is what is typically called “confetti soap”.  I am calling this one “Fruit Tingle” because it looks and smells like Fruit Tingle lollies.  The fragrance is Bramble Berry Energy fragrance oil.  To make this soap, cut up, or grate, bits of left over soap, then make a new batch, stir in the scraps and plonk it into a mould.

I adore the look of this soap but it was not as successful as it looks.  I made two mistakes:

  • I used about 30% of the total soap weight in soap scraps, which, as it turned out, was too much; and
  • the scrap pieces were too big.

Consequently, when I cut the soap, bits tended to break off all over the place. Also, I had read that it is important to push the decorative top into the soft soap.  I tried to do this but still a lot of the pieces I put on the top also fell off.

Next time, I will use 20-25% of soap weight in scraps; cut or grate the pieces much smaller; and use fewer bits on the top.


In the circumstances, this soap turned out quite well.  Sticking with the lolly theme, I think I will call this one “Cool Mint”.  The fragrance is Bramble Berry Moroccan mint.

The balls are made with soap scraps – the white from my heart-embedded soap; the beige from my oatmeal and honey soap; and the brown from my cappuccino soap.  When the soap is still soft, roll the scraps into balls and then leave them to cure.

The colour is not what I was going for.  I wanted a steel grey/blue but I got chambray blue.  I don’t mind it too much, although I have made a mental note to buy some activated charcoal which, I reckon, when added to ultramarine blue, will produce a nice steel grey/blue.

Colour aside, I was pretty excited that all the balls, except one (which I pushed back in), stayed in place.  I was worried they wouldn’t because they were already cured when I embedded them.  I was going to scrape the edges a bit and moisten them before I put them into the new soap but, in the excitement of the moment, I forgot.  Next time 🙂

I don’t know what the little white flecks are.  I don’t mind them, I am just curious as to what caused them.


19 thoughts on “More soaping lessons and soaping fun …

  1. Hi Glenda, tried to make a comment from my phone but it seems to have got lost… no idea why. Anyway your soap making is just amazing and love how they look and am sure they smell wonderful too 🙂

    • Hi Moya, I don’t seem to be able to make comments from my phone either. I read posts on my phone in bed and would love to make a comment there and then but I have to wait until I go onto my desk top to do so. The ‘like’ button works perfectly.

  2. I love hearing about your soap experiments…I watched a tv programme in the week and the chefs are competing to cook at a big banquet for the Womens Institute and one of the chefs deserts was called : A thank you in a box” It looked like a gift box of soap, shampoo, shower gel and a spritzer spray but all edible …amazing. 🙂

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