IMG_2048copyI am not a fan of Hybrid Tea roses generally, but I have a soft spot for Tiffany.  If you are a fan, Tiffany should be in your garden.  It’s a beauty.  Tiffany has been, justifiably, very popular since its introduction in 1954.

Tiffany’s blooms are rose pink with yellow/gold at the base.  They are large, full petalled and, in the classical exhibition-style, with high centres and perfect symmetry of form.  The buds are deep pink, long and elegant.

The blooms are carried on long firm stems, usually singly but sometimes in small clusters.  They have a good fragrance and are excellent for cutting.  Tiffany blooms repeatedly from spring to autumn.

Botanica’s Roses does note that the blooms may spoil in rain.  There is no rain to be seen here, so I can’t confirm that.


The plant is a vigorous, upright bush which is particularly tall for a Hybrid Tea.  The foliage is large, deep green and disease resistant.  It is, typical of Hybrid Tea roses, a little sparse.

Tiffany was bred by Lindquist (USA) and introduced in 1954.


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