Tuscan Sun


Tuscan Sun  is a modern Floribunda rose with large flowers that are carried in small clusters.  It has deep apricot buds that open to stunning high-centred blooms of hybrid tea form.  They are bronze/orange/apricot in the centre with coppery pink outer petals.  They finish a coppery pink.  The blooms are 10 cm wide, have 25 petals and are borne on long, strong stems which makes them perfect for the vase.  As a bonus, they last well as a cut flower.

The bush has an upright, well-branched habit with deep green foliage.  My bush is rather sparse and, though reportedly disease resistant, it is one of the few plants in my garden with black spot at the moment.  The weather has been quite mild and moist for this time of the year which may account for it. Tuscan Sun is particularly suited to dry hot climates.  It flowers well throughout our hot summer.  It also, reportedly, takes humidity well.


Tuscan Sun was raised in the USA and released in Australia by Swane’s Nursery.


11 thoughts on “Tuscan Sun

  1. You’ve shared another beauty with us, Glenda. What a gorgeous mix of colors! Last year’s Winter cost me a few bushes, though the Iceberg survived and thrived this past Summer. Every one of the others that survived had to be trimmed of all of their canes because not a one bore leaves, After such a pathetic start, I was surprised that I only lost 3 roses, though I think I may lose a couple weak ones this Winter. It looks like I’ll be going rose shopping in a few months.

    • John, if your burgundy iceberg did well you should consider buying iceberg and the other sports. I have seen them in a garden mass planted and they looked fab. Each had the same growing habit and the colour of the flowers combined well. The only problem is a lack of fragrance.

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