Pierre De Ronsard, looking stunning

front gate 1

I am back in Perth.  I did my back in and Jules acquired a limp, so he was off to the vet and I was off to the masseur and chiropractor.  Normally this would make for a grumpy Glenda, but when I arrived to see this beautiful sight, my spirits lifted.  I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped away.  I need not have acted so swiftly.  It is even more beautiful now.

As I mentioned in my post on Pierre De Ronsard, I am not usually a great fan of this rose as the flowers bruise too easily for me.  But when you see it like this,  I think it is time to reconsider.

Every time I open the gate, I brush against the flowers, now, if it had a decent perfume, this rose would really be up there.


Peirre De Ronsard is looking so beautiful at the moment as we haven’t had any rain to damage the blooms.  I also think I must had done a good job with the pruning.  I basically followed the line of the arbour and the flowers seem to have done the same.  I will certainly do the same next year.

As a side, I am amazed our roses are aphids free this year.  I don’t know why, some years they are covered in them but this year, there are none.  Our roses in Bridgetown are about to be beautiful too.  Alas, I am stuck here, so I can’t sent you any shots. I hope these compensate.

front gate2Excuse the shape of the photos.  They are so tall as I had to ‘stitch’ them.  I couldn’t get far enough back to get the whole gate into one photo.

Pierre De Ronsard has appeared as Rose of the Week.  Here is a link to the post for those who would like more information on it.


11 thoughts on “Pierre De Ronsard, looking stunning

  1. I do hope the chiro and masseuse were able to bring you some relief, Glenda. That is one beautiful gateway and a mood-brightener if ever there was one. Your Pierre De Ronsard sure does seem to like it there, much to the benefit of all who see it. 😉

    • Hi John, getter better all the time … I haven’t seen Pierre look so good. It was perfect for about a week but it rained the other day so it is not so perfect now, but still very beautiful.

  2. Hi Glenda – Hope you & Jules are on the mend soon. Nothing worse than a bad back makes one feel around 100 years old.
    The Roses look fab & I can see how they would lift your spirits.

  3. This could be the most beautiful creeping rose I’ve seen looks amazing with the gate and the red brick in the background. And cousin Glenda you have no aphids this year because they’re all at my place!

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