I went to Ikea …


Those of you who know me will appreciate that is a big statement.  For those who don’t, I hate Ikea.  I have been a few times and I am yet to come out without throwing a tantrum.  I know it is a personality flaw that I have to bear.  I hate being told what to do and I particularly hate being herded, like cattle, through displays that they want me to pass just to get to one little item I may be interested in.  I have sworn, at least twice, that I will never go again… but still I venture.


So it must have been something really special that drove me to Ikea torture.  And it was.  I would not have been able to make these gorgeous little muffins if I hadn’t gone.  I first saw them on Moya’s blog, Food and Tools, and I was smitten.  I was in Bridgetown at the time but the image stuck.  I had to make them and to make them I had to go to Ikea.


Maus was quite surprised, to say the least, when I said to her the first day we were back in Perth, “I want to go to Ikea.”  I was on a mission and nothing would deter me, not even the herding.

It started well.  We didn’t have tooo much trouble finding a car park.  We found the entrance with out tooo much difficulty and then only went the wrong way a couple of times before, to my amazement, the kitchen appliances were in view.  I quickly found what I was looking for.  A muffin tray and liners that produce muffins this delightful shape.  I am so happy with them.  The shape is so elegant and the liners are amazing.  Look how cleanly they released the muffin (top photo).  Of course,  we bought a few other odds and sods whilst we were there.  How can you not?  Then we tried to leave…


Things went down hill rapidly.  We stupidly followed a sign marked “Exit”.  Liar, liar!  We then had to walk through the whole bloody shop, past a thousand tempting items.  Maus saw something she quite liked but I wouldn’t let her buy it.  “That is just what they want you to do”, I hissed.  We were about three quarters of the way around the track when I felt a tantrum brimming up.  I quickened my step and so did Maus.  She knew trouble was brewing.  “I hate this place,” I seethed and, then, “Don’t let me ever come back.”  But then I looked at my lovely pan and liners and knew the suffering was worth it.  I quickened my pace and made a dash for the cashier.

These pans make the most gorgeous looking muffins.  I made Moya’s Lemon Yoghurt Muffins with Poppy Seeds and Dried Cranberries.  I made one change because I thought Moya may have made a mistake.  Moya used self-raising flour and baking powder and bi-carb.  I skipped the baking powder and bi-carb.  I checked out a number of similar recipes and they all used used all-purpose (plain) flour with the baking powder and bi-carb.  Moya later got back to me to say it wasn’t a mistake but it was too late.  I had already made them.  Luckily, they turned out perfectly.  I was very happy with them.  Thanks, Moya.


28 thoughts on “I went to Ikea …

  1. Ha ha, thanks for sending me here! My first trip to Ikea led to security being called because I ‘escaped’ from the torture down the escalator that was for going in. Apparently that’s not allowed. My second resulted in a major panic attack, nearly requiring an ambulance and on my third I was given a tip from a compassionate staff member about how to ‘short cut’ my way through the maze. Seeing as we have bought our kitchen cabinets at Ikea, (long story) I have had to overcome my fears and can now breeze through. I go the wrong way, take shortcuts and feel empowered! I actually enjoy it now and can zoom straight to where I need to be and be out quickly. A good tip is to park near the exit not the entry! Impulse buying I try to avoid, but I may just have to hover and find these muffin items. 🙂

  2. I love Ikea 🙂 Luckily we live a long way away from the closest store. I will have to check out the pans and papers next time we’re there though!

  3. Those muffins do look scrumptious!
    And I don’t know whether to tell you this, or not, but it is possible to order online with Ikea in WA. Sure, you have to pay for delivery, but if you hate going *that* much, isn’t it worth it to avoid the hassle and get your items delivered straight to your door? And now I sound like an ad for a store I’ve never bought anything from…

    • Hi Kate, I just checked out the delivery service. It says, “if your car isn’t big enough …” The muffin pan just made it …:) I don’t think I will be going back any time soon.

  4. Hi Glenda….I’ve been away from Blogland for ages but it makes me happy to stumble upon funny posts like this one from time to time. I enjoyed your resistant rant being ‘led’ through the marketing maze…..haha! Still, guess it was worth it – those muffins look so handsome standing straight and tall and tempting. They must be male….hehe x Mariana

  5. Glenda your muffins look fabulous and thank you so much for trying the recipe. Also great to know that they turned out perfect without extra raising agents. Also I am sure by only using self-raising flour it may have produced a denser muffin. Although Ikea is not a place that you enjoying going to at least you have a lovely new muffin pan and cute wrappers. Sorry for the late comment as I am away at the moment. 🙂

    • Hi Moya. I do wonder about having both. I have never seen it before. I am no baker but I wonder whether there is only so much rising agent a muffin needs.

  6. The muffins looks gorgeous, and I’m sure they taste so too but I’ve never been to Ikea and nothing is so tempting that it would entice me… I get the horrors even thinking about it 🙂

  7.  I love Ikea Glenda my first vist was only a few months ago and have since been three or four times always looking for an excuse to go back so thank you thank you cant wait for the school holidays to finish might even take Juanita if I am feeling brave I have a funny feeling she might be like yourself when it comes to Ikea I will buy her a $3 lunch. Bye for now Jenny

  8. Now I want to go to Ikea for one of those pan and some liners and then I want to make this recipe! Just gorgeous! And don’t feel bad about having temper tantrums… there are some places that I really don’t want to go to either… Westfield anywhere for one!

  9. No one I know, including me, likes Ikea. How that place manages to thrive despite this is a mystery. Glenda, I may have some bad news for you. Have you thought that you might have to return for those liners? 🙂

  10. The muffins impressed me when I first saw these on Moya;s site and now I am doubly impressed.
    I also go NUTS in Ikea and loathe the place, but thanks to a rather generous gift vocher, have needed to return from time to time. Once we spent an hour looking for our car- somehow, the carpark had re-arranged itself.

  11. Oh Glenda, I feel your pain!! It is horrendous they way they herd everyone but there are shortcuts – and there is usually one that takes you straight to the Marketplace which is where I think all the kitchen stuff is…easier not to go at all and get someone else to get things for you!! Lovely tin and liners though…hmmmmm….

  12. Oh Glenda this sounds so familiar. The only difference is that I’ve been to Ikea, chosen my purchases and stormed out in a tantrum dumping everything en route because they make me SO cross. I’ve long since decided it’s easier to just ask my daughters to buy whatever I need when they go there. Or just do without.
    That said, your muffins do look good.

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