Winchester Cathedral


As with Redoute, Winchester Cathedral is a sport of Mary Rose.

Most books say that Winchester Cathedral is identical to Mary Rose in every way except colour.  One book did say, however, that Winchester Cathedral is more susceptible to black spot than Mary Rose.  I have not noticed this trait.

Check out my earlier post on Mary Rose for more details on Winchester Cathedral.

David Austin describes Winchester Cathedral as white but, if you look closely at the photos, you can see a hint of pink. I have read the pink is more evident in hot weather than in cool weather.  Again, not something I have noticed.  It was cool the day I took these photos.  It was also after a number of wet days and the blooms were not damaged by water.

I have noticed that the odd flower can revert to pink or, more likely, have a spattering of pink on its petals.  Being a pink girl, I don’t mind this trait but, if you were looking for a perfect white rose, Winchester Cathedral may not be for you.


In the photo below, Mary Rose is on the left and Redoute is on the right.  When I did my posts on Mary Rose and Redoute, I didn’t have a photo of the roses in full bloom.  Luckily, this time I nailed it.

I mentioned before that I would love to have a hedge of Mary Rose, Redoute and Winchester Cathedral roses.  What a delightful sight it would be.  I absolutely love this trio of roses. Redoute is up there as my all-time favourite rose.  I love the colour.


Winchester Cathedral was released by David Austin in 1988, the 900th anniversary of the Norman Cathedral of Winchester.



5 thoughts on “Winchester Cathedral

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  2. What a wonderful voluptious rose. The white appeals to me – would look amazing in moonlight, but the touch of pink is gentle and romantic. I agree, an hedge comprised of the 3 would be sensational.

  3. I love your rose posts Glenda! I am no gardener but I love roses. I have just two at the beach house, both pink, both fragrant. Brother Cadfael a climbing David Austin and the incredibly vigorous Childrens Rose. I quite bizarre but pink is not my colour. I don’t wear it, it’s nowhere in my decor, but I just love pink roses. The subtle pinkness of Winchester Cathedral is just beautiful

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