Tomato envy …


Remember these guys from my last post?  Well, they have friends… and lots of them.


I picked these guys two days later ….


And these guys two days later… phew, that is a lot of cherry tomatoes for a person who was determined not to repeat the rookie mistake I made last year of planting too many plants.  In my defence, I only planted four and the funny thing is, most of these tomatoes are coming from two plants.  One plant is only producing teeny weeny cherry tomatoes, another is producing mini Romas (and you can see there are not too many of them) which leaves two plants for the rest.

Anyway, you guessed it.  I am preserving tomatoes, something I swore I would not do this summer.  We still have, at least, half of last year’s crop to get through.  In the last week,  I have made 26 x 500mil jars of tomato puree, as well as giving tomatoes to everyone who has crossed my path.  I am not sure if they are all ripening at once or whether we are going to have tomatoes galore well into May, like last year.

I am too nervous to say anything against so many cherry tomatoes, just in case next year something goes wrong with my crop and I have to pay $2.50 for a punnet of them.

It is barely worth mentioning but we picked 15 cucumbers yesterday and we only have 4 vines.


19 thoughts on “Tomato envy …

  1. Talk about a bumper crop! This just incredible, Glenda, and you really had no choice but to preserve them. You’ll be glad you did come August. I was thinking of adding another cherry tomato to this year’s garden. Seeing these 2 posts of yours has convinced me not to. 🙂

    • Beware John, a healthy cherry tomato plant is a dangerous thing. Though, with cherry tomatoes being so easy to grow and so expensive to buy, I would be tempted to put one in.

  2. You’ve got to have some great fertilizer. if you get tired of preserving maybe you could organize a neighborhood tomato fight? Matter of fact, send a batch to me – I’ve got a neighbor I’d like to peg a few at.

  3. Lordy, wish I had that many tomatoes to play with! You must have great green thumbs!

    • Hi Liz, They are amazing, they are everywhere. I think it is a combination of hot and dry atmosphere with rich moist soil – well it must be that because, that is what they got 🙂 They get watered twice a day – 7 minutes each time and that keeps the soil permanently moist.

  4. I paid just 50cents for a 1 kilo bag of cherry toms at the local community market this morning. I suspect that backyards had an over abundance as well!! Even when I did have space for a vegie garden, the ruddy possums cropped much much more than we ever did, so I’m just a tad envious. Perhaps a farm gate stall might lighten your load!

    • Hi Sandra, 50c a bag, that is a bargain. How many bags did you get? The idea of a farm gate stall is a good one, the only problem is, we have a battle axe block at the end of a cul-de-sac and we give vegies to everyone in the street already – so there goes our potential customers. 🙂

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