Blue Moon


When the first mauve Hybrid Teas and Floribundas made their debut at the end of the 1940’s, they were met enthusiastically by the hybridist as a stepping stone for the desired blue rose, whose arrival no later than 1965 was confidently predicted.  “Well, we are still waiting for it – and it appears that we may wait forever, as mauve roses contain no blue pigment.  Their purple tint comes from the breakdown of the red pigment in combination with tannins.”

“Ignore the many optimistic names promising blue:  so far the bluest of the Modern Roses are pale lilacs …”   Blue Moon is a perfect example.

(source: Roses by Roger Mann).

Blue Moon’s blooms are moderately sized with high centres and are produced throughout summer and autumn.  The blooms are sweetly fragrant.

The main fault I find with Blue Moon is that it is very hard to find a perfect bloom.  They tend to bruise and burn, even the foliage burns.  It may be Perth is a little too hot for them and my garden a little too harsh.  I would be interested in others’ experiences.

Usually, there is one flower per stem which makes them good for cutting.

The bush is nearly thornless.  It, reportedly, grows to 1.5 metres high and 1 metre wide, though mine is neither that high nor that wide. What I like most about the bush is the smoky green colour of the foliage.  It complements the lilac blooms to perfection.

Generally, the plant is healthy but is susceptible to mildew and black spot.  Also, according to my books, it tends to die back in hard winters.  This is not a problem for me but may be for those living in cooler climates.


Blue Moon is a Hybrid Tea rose.  It was released by Tantau, Germany, in 1964.  Blue Moon is synonymous with Mainzer Fastnacht and Sissi.


11 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. That is a stunning color. I like that it’s nearly thornless and will have to check for them. I’m getting a little tired of going out every spring getting ripped apart by these rambling roses I bought years ago. They’re beautiful and bloom from spring through fall but oh, cutting them back to keep them under control is so painful even with long sleeves and gloves. Somehow I always manage to get my face too close.

  2. A stunning rose. We used to have one here and the perfume is beautiful. However with this hot weather and not enough hours in a day our roses are not doing well. Hope all well down your end. Did you hear about Faye’s Aunt Hazel she passed away on Friday 31st. Take Care speak soon. Love Sue&Patti&Tillee XXX

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