Scepter’d Isle


David Austin has classified Scepter’d Isle as an English Musk Rose.  Roses in this classification are related to the old Noisette and Hybrid Musk Roses.

The English Musk Roses’ growth tends to be pale green, with slender smooth  branches.  The flowers have a delicate appearance and exquisite formation.

Other members of the English Musk Rose classification that have appeared on ‘Rose of the Week’ are Heritage and Comtes de Champagne.  

Scepter’d Isle flowers are deeply cupped, double blooms with visible stamens (when the flowers are fully open).  The blooms are soft pink at the centre, shading to pale pink in the outer petals.  Scepter’d Isle flowers freely and continuously through the season.

Scepter’d Isle’s growth is upright, with its flowers being held above the foliage.   It is a quite short, bushy shrub.  David Austin notes that it is not unlike a shorter version of Heritage, to which it is related but, he also notes, Specter’d Isle’s leaves are much closer to those of a Hybrid Tea.

Scepter’d Isle has the rare myrrh fragrance that is found only in English Roses and one or two Ayrshire Ramblers.

The myrrh note was introduced into English Roses with Constance Spry – the result of the cross of the Gallica, Belle Isis, and the Floribunda, Dainty Maid.  It is thought that Belle Isis is not a pure Gallica but the result of a cross between an Ayrshire Rose and a Gallica Rose, hence the source of the myrrh fragrance.


The name, Scepter’d Isle, comes from John of Gaunt’s speech expressing his love for England in Shakespeare’s Richard II.

Scepter’d Isle was introduced by David Austin in 1996.

Most of the above information comes from David Austin’s book, The English Roses.


12 thoughts on “Scepter’d Isle

  1. Beautiful! I have a David Austin climber that looks very similar, Brother Cadfael. It has the most divine scent. Have you ever visited the Victorian State Rose Garden at Werribee just outside Melbourne, 5 acres of glory at the right time of the year!

    • Hi Sandra, I don’t have Brother Cadfael. It may be time to buy some more. I don’t think I have been to the Rose Garden, if I have, it would have been many, many years ago.

  2. Beautiful! Your rose photo was the first thing i saw on the computer this morning and it was stunning to see. I bet the aroma is just as intoxicating. Such beautiful flowers!

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