Smarty, along with the David Austin roses, is classified as a modern shrub rose.  Modern shrub roses are, essentially, modern roses that defy classification.

Smarty’s blooms are a delicate soft pink and are wild rose like in appearance.   They are single, medium sized and feature lovely dominant yellow stamens.  The flowers come in medium to large clusters.

Smarty flowers prolifically in spring and then follows up with a sparse repeat.

The foliage is bright green and matt on a vigorous, spreading bush that is wider than it is tall. There are many small prickles.


Smarty was bred by Ilsink in The Netherlands in 1979.


10 thoughts on “Smarty

  1. These are quite special, aren’t they? So simple like a wild rose but, as EllaDee said, the colors are reminiscent of a fruit tree’s blossoms. Does it have a strong fragrance?

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